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  • Gender Struggle Over Ideological Power In A Doll's House

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    A wife who sacrifices everything that she likes, wants, aspire and dislikes in order of maintain the image of the perfect family. One of the crucial moments of the plot is when Torvald found the letter that Krogstad left on the letterbox. After reading the content of the letter, Torvald refers to Nora as “she who was my pride and my joy- a hypocrite, a liar-worse- a criminal. Oh, the unfathomable hideousness of it all! Ugh! Ugh!” (Ibsen, p. 39) Nora was ready to come out with everything in order

  • Summary Of Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate

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    Adversity draws men together and produces beauty and harmony in life’s relationships, just as the cold of winter produces ice-flower on the window- panes, which vanish with the warmth. (Soren Kierkgaard) Vikram Seth’s first novel, The Golden Gate(1986) is a survey of contemporary love relationships in an urban society and the search for harmony with or without love relationships when situations are adverse. Love and survival are the central themes in Vikram Seth’s novels. The present chapter

  • Who Is Paul Dempster's Guilt In Fifth Business

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    In Robertson Davies’ novel Fifth Business, the author utilizes the characters to illustrate that a person’s guilt may become a deadly venom to their conscience if it is carried as a burden throughout their life. This only leads to the deterioration of the characters, themselves. Paul Dempster’s guilt begins as a child when his father, Amasa Dempster, starts to blame him for his mother’s simple behaviour. Being a gullible child, Paul’s father is able to strictly reform how Paul thinks of himself.

  • Symbolism In The Tiger's Bride

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    The white rose in Carter’s The Tiger’s Bride is a metaphor that represents the female protagonist throughout the story. The story also had some other themes of the superiority of masculinity. The father was heavily addicted to gambling, and continued to bet all his money and possessions away. The daughter had to watch her sick father deal her life anyway for the pleasure of possibly winning big. The beast hands her a white rose when she and the father enter the house. She starts tearing apart the

  • Adversity Character In Hamlet

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    Adversity often comes as a surprise to us, yet it is something we all will likely experience. During the course of dealing with hardship, our personality develops and evolves to match the new circumstances. In Hamlet, Shakespeare examines the way in which adversity takes us through a range of emotions that result in our becoming more balanced individuals. In the play, we see how young Hamlet changes after his father’s death and meeting the Ghost. In particular, Shakespeare displays how Hamlet’s identity

  • The Pardoner In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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    Chaucer’s The Pardoner manages to be a much debated and highly controversial character of The Canterbury Tales, criticized by Chaucer himself in the way he was described. From his ambiguous sexuality and fluid gender representation to his questionable lifestyle of abusing the name of the Church for his own purposes as well as his overall defiance of the social norms of his time, the Pardoner is one character that can be explored from various angles. The Pardoner is first introduced to be travelling

  • Fifth Business Guilt Quotes

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    Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines guilt as “the fact or state of having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong, especially against moral or penal law” (Merriam-Webster). In the novel Fifth Business by Robert Davies, he explores the topic of guilt. Published in 1970 (Goodreads), the book goes into detail of a man’s life story and how he finds the deeper meaning of life. One of the main messages of this novel is that a person’s life is dependent on how they make decisions and how they deal

  • How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq

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    dogs and many creatures/ I mean the Devil.” the things that she usually sees are dogs and creatures for the underworld. The dogs were actually hell hounds and the creature are just creatures. For example, she might have seen a minotaur, furies, manticores etc.

  • How Did Shakespeare Use Cupid's Reference To Her

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    It was a little overwhelming to be in the presence of so many incredible books. I glanced at many of them, but I spent the most time with The Noble Arte of Venerie and its counterpart on falconry, as well as the miniature of Portrait of Elizabeth I after Jan de Critz. I was interested in the miniature because of the reading’s association of the queen to the goddess Diana and Shakespeare’s reference to her in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as the target of Cupid’s bow and arrow. In MND, Cupid aims at

  • Summary Of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

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    Reading Journal #5 So far, I’ve finished reading the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. The author of this series is Rick Riordan. The genre of this book is Adventure/Action. In the first book, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, twelve-year-old Percy Jackson learns that he is a demigod (half human, half god). Moreover, he discovers that he is the only son of a mighty water god named, Poseidon. After that, Percy is submitted to a camp called, Camp Half-blood. At the camp, he is