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  • The Importance Of Media In The New York Times

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    The New York Times has been a well-established organization since 1851. It’s primary goal of informing and educating the public has been achieved through printing newspapers and recently through online media. As a major media source, it has won the most Pulitzer Prizes out of any newspaper. Ethical reporting of the news has been a priority of the New York Times, enough so that a guide was released detailing the standards of the New York Times journalists. This, as well as many newspapers and articles

  • Let Them Eat Cake Analysis

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    is a Paris based writer who covers all sorts of historical and cultural subjects. Covington contributes his writing to The New York Times, Smithsonian, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest, International Herald Tribune, Sunday Times of London, and

  • Inside Amazon's Argument Essay

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    The New York Times article “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace,” written by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, employs effective use of multimodality to support their argument; which states: In order to achieve its lofty ambitions, Amazon maintains “unusually high standards” for its employees, resulting in a culture that puts work above all else—affectionately referred to as a “philosophy of work.” Kantor & Streitfeld primarily utilize the linguistic mode to make their argument

  • The Great Gatsby Book Should Be Banned Essay

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    history is to learn from it and learn from others mistakes, but how can we do that if we are not allowed to learn it. As teachers shouldn’t you be teaching us how to make judgment calls like understanding that Mark Twain was a racist, but a man of his time and that doesn’t change him being an amazing writer. We cannot learn things such as that if we cannot even read most of Mark Twain’s books. In the 1930’s the Nazi’s burned any and every book or paper

  • Back To School Speech Analysis

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    Back to school The road to success isn’t easy and everybody has experienced failure at one point in their life, but what defines you isn’t how many times you fail, it’s how you react to the failure that does. You have to take responsibility for your own decisions and your own life, the world doesn’t owe you success, you have to work hard for it. Being hardworking and therefore experiencing success is a central theme in the speech “Back to school” spoken by Barack Obama on September 8, 2009. The

  • 18th Amendment Ratification

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    Did the United States show weakness by giving in to its people? The 18th and 21st Amendments of the United States Constitution just might shed some light on the situation. The ratification of the 18th Amendment, January 16, 1919, stirred up feelings of the American people. Americans started to express their thoughts and shared them with the government, this led to the ratification of the 21st amendment, December 5, 1933. This act of the United States government was made to please the people, some

  • The New England Colonies

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    In the wake of building up the principal English settlement on the Island of Roanoke, off the shoreline of cutting edge North Carolina, John White reluctantly came back to England for supplies. Deferred by war for a long time, he returns in 1590 to  discover the pilgrims are no more.For one thing, the Englishmen who returned to the site of the abandoned colony on Roanoke Island found the word CROATOAN carved in wood.  The colony’s returning governor, John White, took that as a sign the group had

  • Empire State Survey

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    Empire State Poll (ESP) is the first of its kind annual general survey of adults, age 18 and over, who are residents of New York State. The Empire State Poll is conducted by the Cornell University’s Survey Research Institute in the spring of each year. The first ESP was conducted in 2003. The objective is to identify and characterize the changing attitudes and concerns of the New York state residents over the past 13 years. I expect to explore the data further based on demographic variables, e.g. downstate/upstate

  • Tapan Zee Bridge Case Study

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    A solution was required to accommodate such great demographic increase. The original Tappan Zee Bridge was constructed in 1955, allowing undemanding passage across the Hudson River and beginning the urbanization of Rockland County. In our current time, around 50 years since its original construction, the Tappan Zee, deemed unsafe, will be replaced.

  • An Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Poetry

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    Poetry has always been a large factor in American culture, spanning many different styles and types of poets. From Emily Dickinson’s lyric poems that describe abstract concepts to Maya Angelou’s poems that portray struggle and other complex themes, American poetry is unique and timeless. Arguably one of the most significant and well-respected American poets of the twentieth century is Elizabeth Bishop. Some of her most well-known poems include In the Waiting Room, First Death in Nova Scotia, and

  • Argument Against Headphones

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    Virginia Hefffernan wishes to make the public aware of the damaging effects of constants use of headphones and how it is negatively effecting the young generations hearing drastically in her New York Times article, “The Argument Against Headphones.” The author realizes the vast population who wear headphones are unaware of its damaging effects both physically and on the social aspect. Heffernan hopes that with the information provided in this article, people will limit their use of headphones in

  • The Last True Story I Ll Ever Tell Literary Analysis

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    were not alone. This however is what led the death of Kyle he was shot at the shooting range attempting to help a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD. Kyle’s work focused around the idea of maintaining family relationships, especially in the difficult time of PTSD. His wife and children, who are currently running the FROG foundation, which carries on Kyle’s mission of helping veterans navigate their civilian life, and carry on Kyle’s

  • DBQ Essay: The Erie Canal

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    New York, the city of dreams, the land of riches, all because of the great canal. Begun in the 1817 and opened in its entirety 1825, the Erie Canal is considered the engineering marvel of the 19th century and will be that way for many years to come. The canal was 363 miles long and connected New York to the Great Lakes. The once derided as "Clinton's Folly" which is now known as the Erie Canal alternated by creating a vibrant economy, spreading religion, and growth in population along the new transportation

  • George Eastman's Influence On Modern Day Photography

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    Let’s go back in time. Let’s think how we get all these amazing pictures that hold so many memories to us. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Who invented photography? What did they do to get it started? George Eastman was a pioneer of modern day photography. First, let's talk about who George Eastman is. George Eastman was born on July 12, 1854 in Waterville, New York. His father died and times were very tough for his family. His mother had to take in Borders so they had enough

  • Essay On Dutch East Indies Imperialism

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    on the domestic markets or the international markets” (Trade Monopoly definition). The Dutch traded and colonized with places such as New Amsterdam, Cape Town in South Africa, and Batavia, they traded many things but their main trade items were spices. The Dutch East Indies traded with many of the colonies they colonized. Some of the places they colonized were New Amsterdam, Cape Town in South Africa, and Batavia. The Dutch East Indies traded different things with all of

  • Behavioral Change Assignment Analysis

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    my behavior. I was schedule for my annual examination with a new doctor GYN. It was raining that day, and besides that I arrived on time for my appointment. When I arrived, there were only two patients ahead of me. The receptionist requested my new medical insurance, and I was ready in five minutes. Since, I have not known the new doctor, I did not notice that the woman who was next to the receptionist was my new GYN. But after the time passed, I noticed that she was the doctor, because she was given

  • Scott Fitzgerald's Accomplishments

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    to move to France to make a positive change to his work, this sort of enlightenment had great results a year after he had changed his environment, "The Great Gatsby" was made. Many dare to assure is the grates novel of he 20th century, even of all time but that goes after every reader's judgement. The novel made a huge fortune and make himself very proud of it. He was a very smart man, who tried to beat every past novel he wrote but that became very hard for him. His record went to 178 stories

  • Newsboys Strike

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    In 1899, a large number of New York newsboys’ took a stand against two powerful newspaper publishers and their unfair costs for newspapers. This youth-led campaign has become known as The Newsboys’ Strike of 1899. Due to this stand in history, future strikes were inspired and attention was drawn to the harsh practice of child labor. “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” It is 1899; the voices of newsboys fill the New York City streets. Since newspapers were the only type of media, the demand for them

  • The Importance Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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    as any other impoverished person did. However, the society’s opinions of women was internalized by Myrtle due to growing up with such notions, and these views had shaped her own. Therefore, Myrtle believed that the work had to be done by a male in a time when women could not achieve anything substantial on their own. Furthermore, she felt pressured to find a man, as it was considered that a woman’s main achievement in life was to settle with the most prospective suitor. This lack of self-worth, influenced

  • Breathless Movie Analysis

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    movie about a small-time thief who steals a car and murders a policeman. The story is about authorities chasing him while he reunites with an American journalist and attempts to persuade her to run away with him to Italy. Jean-Luc Godard, the director of the movie often quotes, ‘To make a film, all you need is a girl and a gun.’, which is probably the inspiration behind this movie. Breathless was one of the movies that kicked off the French New Wave. Like several of his French New Wave members, Jean-Luc