The Vietnam Veterans Essays

  • Maya Lin's Memorial: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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    Nicholas Capasso once said, “ The national Vietnam Veterans Memorial may have generated more controversy than any work of architecture in recent history”. Three parts make up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which are “The Wall”, The Three Soldiers statue, and The Vietnam Women’s Memorial. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was a tribute which is in Washington DC. Maya Lin entered a nationwide competition to create a design for the wall and won. The wall is made of two black granite walls that form

  • Essay On Vietnam War Veterans

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    Vietnam War veterans represented 9.7% of their generation, and nearly half of the homeless veteran rate fought in Vietnam. The brave men and women that fought in this gruesome conflict signed their life to the federal government to protect and serve this great and powerful nation, and in return there were nothing but hateful, cruel acts towards them, such as called names like “baby-killers” or “murderers”, and even being spit on and trash thrown at them. Let alone the verbal and physical abuse, what

  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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    In The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Maya Lin employs rhetorical devices in order to elucidate, the gross cost of the Vietnam Conflict in U.S. lives. The minimalist design used in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial emphasizes the overwhelming amount of human lives lost.On the Wall, a small diamond is depicted next to the names of people confirmed dead, if a person is MIA(Missing in Action) they get a small cross next to their name. The cross can easily be carved into a diamond if the person is confirmed

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book Report

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    think was created for a community gathering for that community to perform rituals. People in my generation may not know what Stonehenge is, but most of us through family members or either visiting it will know of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The book talks about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and how at the beginning people will barley notice the wall, but once you get walking further, the wall keeps growing, soon taller than the visitors with names upon names. This wall has a few unique features

  • Veterans Protest The Vietnam War Essay

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    Article: When Veterans Protested the Vietnam War Song: We gotta get out of this place In the article, “When Veterans Protested the Vietnam War”, it talked in a first person point of view. Jan Barry, who wrote the article, described many reasons why war was not a good idea. In the song, “We gotta get out of this place”, it talked about how war was a waste of time and that you’ll eventually die before your time. In an odd way, these two actually relate to each other. The article described

  • Vietnam Veterans Returning Home Essay

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    The veterans returning from their tour in Vietnam was in some ways new territory to the American people. In the first years veterans returned from a war that was becoming increasingly unpopular and later the veterans returned home from the first war where America had not reached its objectives. The veterans were treated differently than previous veterans and a new sort of image arose of the veteran; he was no longer a soldier who had served his country proudly, helped a people in need and rid the

  • Agent Orange And Vietnam Veterans: A Case Study

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    These research outcomes have identified a connection between the exposure of Agent Orange and health-related risk to Vietnam Veterans. An interview with a U.S. veteran as reported by Wilcox simply stated (qtd. in Frey 2013): I really didn’t know what they were spraying…Some people thought it was for mosquitos, but I never really gave it much thought. I do remember walking through the defoliated zones. Everything was dead…Did we drink the water? Of course, we did. Where we were, there was nothing

  • November Stillness Character Analysis

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    walked out in front of the car which struck and killed him. December Stillness is a novel about a girl named Kelly who tries to get to know and understand a man named Mr. Weems, who is severely haunted by the acts which he and others committed in Vietnam and who would come daily to the library to read books about the war. Due to the trauma of the war and losses he suffers during the course of the book it is clear that Mr Weems death near the end of the book was not an accident. Mr Weems intentionally

  • Vietnam War Veterans Case Study

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    either because their service is up or are returning from deployment? If so, the Veterans Service Commission and the county commissioners would like to know. Four of the five commission members, along with Director Nelson Weirick and service officer Jeff Shull, met with the county commissioners Monday to go over the upcoming budget, but most of the discussion focused on the office and the veterans served. In Ohio, veterans service commissions can ask for up to one-half mill of funding in their counties

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Research Paper

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    Noe Medina Professor Art 12 December 2015 Describe the Vietnamese veterans memorial what made it so controversial? In 1979 the Vietnam Veterans committee was granted the right to build a memorial in Washington D.C. The committee sought out its artist by putting forth a competition and found there winner a 20 year old Yale Alumni named Maya Lin. The design itself is a black stone, V shape with names of fallen soldiers engraved along it in chronological order. When the design was first publisized

  • Vietnam War Memorial Analysis

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    The Vietnam War Memorial has been called a "feminist memorial". What do you think that means? Before we can decide if the Vietnam Memorial is a “feminist memorial,” we must first define what feminist art and analysis is. “Inspired - as its name suggests - by feminism, feminist analysis considers the roles of women in an artwork as its subjects, creator, patrons, and viewers.” (DeWitte 184). Essentially, feminist art is any work that pertains to women. Maya Lin was a 21-year-old Yale student when

  • Summary Of Bloods: Black Veterans Of The Vietnam War

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    Bloods: Black Veterans of the Vietnam War The historical identity of the African American military experience is deeply rooted in the life and legacy of author Wallace Terry. His legacy has been immortalized in the scores of periodicals and columns he authored throughout his career. Well-read and well-traveled, he brought a balanced context to the field of journalism. To date, he is one of Black America’s greatest contributors to African American journalism. The climax of his career subsisted in

  • Monuments To Our Better Nature Analysis

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    surrounds him. Byers explains each monument in detail ranging from the Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each statue and structure means something to him and he shares his opinion of each one. In his examination of these structural tributes, he begins to discover the meaning of what it is to be part of the American society. He sees

  • Nostalgia And Homecoming In The Cold Mountain

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    Nostalgia and homecoming are two linked themes, both of them relate to the subject of returning home, either just in thought or physically coming home, and the emotions that are stirred up by that return. The movie Cold Mountain demonstrates that set of emotions that people often experience while being away from home, for whatever reason, and while trying to get back home. The movie takes place during a civil war and all of the characters are experiencing feelings of home sickness and nostalgia as

  • Money Give Me Analysis

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    had to be very scary for Sedaris when he got into a scuffle with the Vietnam War Veteran at the fair. It might just be me but I feel like War Veterans get pushed over the edge way to easy. There was a Vietnam War Vet that lived in Hartford and he was really crazy. If someone stepped on his lawn and he knew who your parents were he would call your parents and complain about you being on his property. There was also another Veteran that lived in the country and he gated up his driveway and closed

  • Combat Mode In The Odyssey

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    These Veterans are family members, neighbors, and friends in the community. They fought and served to protect a nation full of people whose freedom is dependent on the men and women who go to war. Veterans from all branches of the military deserve support and they may need more than people think. Veterans are having a difficult time adjusting back to civilian life when returning home from the war because they may remain in combat mode. In The Odyssey there is a vast number of situations that show

  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

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    Monuments are spread across the United States, all of which honor a memorable historical event or person. The mall of Washington D.C. contains vast amounts of statues in order to pay respects to the thousands of lives lost in wars, cherish our previous presidents and their previous achievements, or esteem previous figures who have shaped our history. For a monument to successfully honor an event or individual, the creators need to carefully consider its design, relation to visitors, and appeal.

  • How Does Racism Affect Society

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    Does racism have an affect on society? Racism is something we've all witnessed.Its a big topic in our society now racism is affect a lot of people.They say two people can do the same crime at the sametime at the same place but get different time and be different color. Racism is one of the most important social issues of the modern world. It has affected millions of people worldwide and is one of the deepest social problems in history. The history of what we call racism which is the discrimination

  • Wounded Warrior Project Rhetorical Analysis

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    Rhetorical Appeals in the Wounded Warrior Project Advertisements The Wounded Warrior Project recruits the aid of the American public to honor and assist injured veterans of the United States armed forces. Through financial aid, the non-profit organization provides programs for the physical and mental injuries of soldiers with little or no cost to the warriors. The organization also offers support services for the warrior’s family ( Through advertisements, the Wounded

  • Forgiveness In The Book Unbroken

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    In the words of Paul Boose, from the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future” (Moore). Louie Zamperini, after several years of torture as a prisoner of war, is able to experience this by forgiving the ones who caused him to suffer. In the novel Unbroken, the author, Laura Hillenbrand, retells the story of Louie Zamperini, a war hero. The reader is first introduced to Louie as a mischievous child who becomes an Olympic runner. The story