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  • Amati Violins

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    Guarneri, and Amati Violin Making Families Introduction All hailing from the small town of Cremona, Italy, the Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati families are considered to have made the best violins throughout history. These makers made marvels that have been appraised for millions of dollars. For example, in 2005 Stradivari’s 1699 Lady Tennant violin was sold for 2 million dollars. Even though modern technology allows violin makers to make exceptional violins, many violin players feel that the

  • Essay On Violin

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    single out the first ones, in particular violin. I like the sounding and the way sounds are elicited from the instrument. Violin - bowed stringed musical instrument with high register . It has four strings tuned in fifths : G, D 1 , a 1 , e 2 (salt low octave, D, middle C, the second octave), the range of G (G minor octave) to a 4 (A fourth octave) and above. There are also five-stringed violin , with the addition of the lower alto string "c" .Violin progenitors were Arabic rebarab Kazakh kobyz

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Playing The Violin At Carnegie Hall

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    The stage lights shone brightly, heating up all that was beneath them. I was seated in the first chair, with the rest of the violin section behind me. My eyes scanned the notes as the conductor waved his baton with gusto. I felt my fingers move swiftly across the fingerboard as my bow danced up and down across the strings. It was magical. The violin, an instrument that I once despised, has led me to the point of being able to perform anywhere. Furthermore, without having had the perseverance

  • College Admissions Essay: How Music Has Changed My Life

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    could be good at and recognized for other than just being a “smart girl.” Looking around, I observe the other children chatter and fiddle with violins, violas, and cellos, to find one that suits them. Even though I was only nine years old, I knew violin was for me once I saw it. Picking it up, I ran my hands over the smooth, glossy wood finish. The violin rested comfortably on my shoulder and the bow,and while it was a bit awkward to hold in my small hand, was held easily in my fingers. Ever since

  • Essay About Soundpost

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    effect of its position has fascinated violinists ever since the violin existed. The soundpost was in place before the bassbar which evolved from a thickening of the top to the separate entity we are now familiar with. A reference to the early interest in the soundpost appears in Sol Babitz [1] where he says that when the bridge was moved below the soundholes, the sound was worse if the soundpost was moved away from the centre of the violin to a new position below the bridge similar to that it would have

  • Dulcian Instrument

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    continuo lines in wind ensembles along with the viola and other bass instruments as can be seen in in Concerto a5 (c-minor) by Christoph Förster (1693 - 1745). (Kendrick, 2008) The Hautboies (the oboe solo at the top) has rests, the first violin and second violin have intricate moving lines while the viola and basso (Dulcian) have accompanying lines the Dulcian even more so than the viola as seen in bar 6 as the viola has semiquavers to add interest and the basso

  • Roderich Edelstein's Narrative Fiction

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    The gentle roar of the train had lulled Brigitta into a dreamless sleep, but Leopold had no such luck. A couple of days had passed since he’d eaten, slept, or even thought properly, the sudden upheaval of all normalcy mangling his ability to function properly. It showed in his behavior, in how he spoke and how he moved, but no one had mentioned it. He had come to the conclusion that his father either was too preoccupied to notice or too distracted to care. Roderich Edelstein had maintained that

  • Concert Observation Essay

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    I attended to a concert performed by the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra on November 13th this year. This concert took place in the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. I chose to attend to this concert because I have never been to a performance by any youth orchestra, I was curious to see how their performance would compare to other orchestras. The first of the three piece that were performed in this concert was Maenads’ Dance, from The Bassarids, composed by Hans Werner Henze. A variety

  • Haydn String Quartet Op 33 No 2 Analysis

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    A review of a recording of the finale (4th movement) of Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 33 No. 2 The recording of the finale (4th movement) of Haydn’s String Quartet Op.33 No.2 that I have decided to review for you today is performed by the ‘Ariel Quartet’. This performance has a strong sense of togetherness and the performers give a sense of enjoyment through the performance. From research I have learned a lot about the background of this piece and about Haydn himself. Joseph Haydn wrote music for

  • Soundpost Thesis

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    THE EFFECT OF THE SOUNDPOST ON VIOLIN SOUND The sound output and the response of a violin were measured for three positions of the soundpost: no soundpost, inside and outside the treble foot of the bridge. The sound quality was assessed with Long Time Average Spectra that showed small differences. There were significant differences in the response plots, whether measured by a microphone in front of the top or a magnet/coil pickup on the bridge. These results may be related to previous studies, in

  • Andrew Bird Interpretation

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    voice and violin (which is used in unique was) to create a very strings-heavy song. At first he starts out by strumming his violin, a technique I’ve never seen done so well, with no other accompaniment but a female guitarist by his side. He then continues to strum the violin along with undertones from the guitarist to introduce the first verse. No melody, no accompaniment,

  • Afterwards Liebesleid Analysis

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    The upper string studio recital, under Dr. Yu-Mei Huang’s teachings, is an annual event which showcases the violin and viola performers of Texas A&M International University. Upon approval of entering the College of Arts & Sciences of the University, this would be a student’s midterm performance for that semester. The handful of talented students from Dr. Huang are encouraged to perform a show piece, alongside with the accompaniment of Dr. Huang playing the piano, to improve their repertoire and

  • Double Bass History

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    played arco, with a bow or pizzicato, by plucking the string Jazz style music usually uses pizzicato while the orchestras use arco, most commonly. It doesn’t just stand out in a crowd because of its height. It’s tuned with machine pegs, unlike violins, violas, and cellos that are tuned

  • Vivaldi's Four Concertos

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    Janine Jansen and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam exquisitely rendered Antonio Vivaldi’s composition. The performance featured all twelve movement broken up into four concertos. The concert featured mainly instruments from the stringed family and one harpsichord. The performance exhibited the various musical concepts envisioned by Vivaldi. Ultimately, the angelic talent of Janine Jansen gifted the audience with a breathtaking rendition

  • Music Appreciation Essay

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    I personally enjoy. One of those activities include playing the violin. The violin has always been a part of my life, my mind, and my body. I’ve always thought the violin as an extension of my vocal chords so I could “sing” through the violin. In addition, the violin was my stress reliever during times of great distress. With my close relationship with the violin, I have obtained a great set amount of skills from playing the violin. I have been involved with various symphonics and competitions for

  • High School Instruments: String Instruments

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    instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and bass. The word 'violin' comes from the Middle Latin word 'vitula' which means stringed instrument. Violins are typically comprised of spruce or maple wood. Violins come in many different sizes. Typically, students will start learning violin at a young age with a 1/32 or 1/16 size violin. As the student ages they will graduate up to a full sized violin. A viola (pronounced vee-Oh-la) is a musical instrument which is similar to the violin and cello. The viola

  • Orchestra Concert Critique

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    to perfect the few pieces of music we were about to proudly show off to the audience. The stage lights were beams as bright as the sun, and made the whole stage feel ten degrees hotter than the room. Of course, with me was my music, and my trusty violin. It was no million-dollar Stradivarius, but it was exactly what all I needed. It was an impressively

  • The Devil, The Violin, And Paganini: The Myth Of The Violin

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    The article “The Devil, The Violin, and Paganini: The Myth Of The Violin As Satan’s Instrument” written by Robert W. Berger, is a detailed based explanation of how the devil, the violin, and Paganini are all connected to each other. Explanations are analyzed through biblical text, myths and legends of the demonic associations with the Devil, and Niccolo Paganini’s deal with the devil. In accordance to the article, Berger elaborates in arguing that, “This study is an attempt to trace the appearance

  • Fiddles On Fire Analysis

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    Swaying to the rhythm of the piece, while switching between two notes on my violin. It was the piece that my orchestra was obsessed with, we all memorized it just annoying our conductors. It made me bond with my classmates and my conductors, orchestra was no longer a class but a place of protection from the rest of the school. I fell in love with my violin and the melodies I could produce with it. Orchestra changed my life, and playing “Fiddles on Fire” was the beginning

  • Kaylee Playlist Analysis

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    The playlist made by Kaylee started with the song “Liars” by Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, which is an emotional song featuring a haunting distant voice and a somber timbre. The next song on the playlist curated by Kaylee is “Black Flies” by Ben Howard performed live for a radio station. Third on the playlist is “Stubborn Love” by the Lumineers played live. After that is “All We Do” by Oh Wonder. After that on the playlist is “Scared” by Judah and the Lion. Following that is the