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Among four groups of instruments – Stringed, Keyboard, Wind and Percussion Instruments – I single out the first ones, in particular violin. I like the sounding and the way sounds are elicited from the instrument.
Violin - bowed stringed musical instrument with high register . It has four strings tuned in fifths : G, D 1 , a 1 , e 2 (salt low octave, D, middle C, the second octave), the range of G (G minor octave) to a 4 (A fourth octave) and above. There are also five-stringed violin , with the addition of the lower alto string "c" .Violin progenitors were Arabic rebarab Kazakh kobyz , Spanish Fidel , British Crotta , merger and which formed the viola. In general, Italy is famous for producing violins.
The violin is a solo instrument with the XVII century. The first works for violin are considered: «Romanesca per violino solo e basso» Biagio Marini ( 1620 ) and «Capriccio stravagante» his contemporary Carlo Farina . The founder of the art of playing the violin is considered by Arcangelo Corelli ; followed by Torelli , Tartini , Pietro Locatelli ( one thousand six hundred ninety-three - 1 764 ), a pupil of Corelli, who developed the bravura technique of violin playing. …show more content…

The Andrea Amati’s (1596 - 1684) violin was first established as a type of instrument, approaching in its expressiveness to the timbre of the human voice (soprano). Andrea first determined the selection of wood, characteristic of the Cremona school: maple, spruce or fir, sometimes pear and sycamore. He created a classic type of violin, which remained largely unchanged. All subsequent improvements made by other artists, primarily concerned with the power of sound. Together with his followers Guarneri and Stradivarius this trio are known as the greatest violin masters ever seen by the

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