Wehrmacht Essays

  • Allied Strategic Bombing

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    Allied strategic bombing of Germany during the Second World War was in the main significant. The key themes to be looked at in this essay are the effects that allied strategic bombing had on the dislocation and demoralisation of German civilians; Germany’s economic ability to produce and transport goods for the war effort; other key aspects of the German war effort and, finally, other theatres of the War. The evidence of the effectiveness of allied strategic bombing of Germany strongly suggests that

  • The Elimination Of The Armenian Genocide

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    What does it take for a genocide to be officially declared as a “genocide” and widely recognized by different nations as such? During the rise of World War I, in 1915, the Ottoman Empire set a plan to eliminate the Armenian race and portray it as a “threat” to the development of the Turkish nation. Over the course of just 3 years, this plan annihilated over 3/4 of the Armenian population in the Empire, or 1.5 million individuals. This devastating historical event might sound familiar, because just

  • Group Conformity In The Holocaust

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    Conformity and group mentality are major aspects of social influence that have governed some of the most notorious events and experiments in history. The Holocaust is a shocking example of group mentality, or groupthink, which states that all members of the group must support the group’s decisions strongly, and all evidence leading to the contrary must be ignored. Social norms are an example of conformity on a smaller scale, such as tipping your waiter or waitress, saying please and thank you, and

  • How Did The Operation Valkyrie Fail

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    Operation Valkyrie was a plot to overthrow Adolf Hitler and the German government. Over 200 German officers decided to do this to save Germany from total destruction. The officer 's plans included assassinating Hitler in his bunker and using the reserve army to gain control of Berlin and eventually all of Germany. The plan failed after the bomb went off and did not kill Hitler. The plot took place in East Prussia (present-day Poland). The plotters were executed once the coup fell through. Operation

  • Claus Von Stauffenberg Essay

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    to work towards a military background, starting at the age of 19. By attending the War Academy in Berlin, Stauffenberg slowly made his way up the ranks, from officer cadet, to eventually becoming Oberst of the Nazi party’s military force, the Wehrmacht. His lengthy, and ultimately successful, law enforcement career was what made him a prime candidate for officer in the German army, and upon his initiation, Stauffenberg had immediately become a loyal member of the Nazi party. Stauffenberg had played

  • Why Is It Important To Prevent Ww2

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    The SS itself had also needed its heavy lifting to be done, which lead to the creation of the Waffen SS. The Waffen SS were similar but different from the Wehrmacht, they had the military power as the Wehrmacht had, but were able to engage on civilian targets, that the SS had wanted executed. The SS were not only involved in executing citizens, but they were also equipt with the most advanced technology Germany had to offer, making

  • Why Is Blitzkrieg So Successful

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    (Body) The tactic “Blitzkrieg” was mostly unheard of until it was successfully tested during the 1938 Spanish civil war in the town of Guernica. The town only had 5000 residents at the time. One day A Heinkel bomber followed by many attack planes stormed the town, initially causing heavy confusion in the civilians and many casualties. This showed the effectiveness of the air force in Blitzkrieg first phase. After the bombers’ attack, infantry and tanks followed with many rounds of ammo killing

  • Treblinka Death Camp

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    Around 800,000 to one million individuals were killed at Treblinka Death Camp from July 23, 1942 to October 19, 1943 in Eastern Poland; 90 precent of all detainees was killed inside of two hours of entry. The bodies were then taken by Sonderkommandos to the open cremation pit on a peak. The pit had iron rails bound in layers inside of it like grillwork, on which the bodies were burned. Jews were intermittently forced to enter the pit and filter through the fiery remains for any bones that should

  • Essay On Behind Hitler's Lines By Thomas Taylor

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    Over the last few weeks I have continued reading Behind Hitler’s Lines by Thomas H. Taylor. Since my last journal, many events have happened in Behind Hitler’s Lines. Joe and his fellow prisoners lure a guard dog into their hut and then proceed to club and eat the dog for extra food. Joe also attempted another escape with two other prisoners and is successful. They escape through a fence after bribing a guard to ignore their attempt. They then wait for a train to pass by and jump on it. They ride

  • Alan Clark Operation Barbarossa

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    The book “Barbarossa” is written by Alan Clark. It is about the Russian-German conflict that occurred between 1941 and 1945. Alan Kenneth Mackenzie Clark was born on April 13, 1928. He was a British historian and diarist, and was also a Member of the Parliament. He served as a minister for the Department of Employment, Trade, and Defense. Even though Clark started his writing through all different kind of military books involving the two World Wars, he decided to write a military novel called “Barbarossa”

  • Summary: The Jewish Scouts Journey

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    When the operative one was ended, we returned to the convent and we were eating in the kitchen when we hear the engines and the noise of the German trucks. There were many trucks of the Wehrmacht, they were in the convent’s courtyard . without thinking a moment the Mother Superior took us through the back door, happily I had about my backpack and bags of Ivette and Jacques along with Tete wrist and left with the group of children calling

  • How Did Adolf Hitler Overconfidence

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    Overconfidence: By the time of World War II, Hitler have already secured most of the Europe land and all these started with the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles(TOV). He broke off these chains that held him back by leaving the League of Nations. After that, he started to get ready his army and armory required for him to invade his desired countries through the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1935, which allowed Germany’s Kriegsmarine total tonnage to be 35% of the Royal Navy’s tonnage, and

  • Elie Wiesel's Speech: The Perils Of Indifference

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    According to Elie Wiesel's speech called, "The Perils of Indifference", he explains, "it has been suggested, and it was documented, that the Wehrmacht could not have conducted its invasion of France without oil obtained from American sources." Since America's corporations continued doing business with Germany because they didn't care, it caused many people from France being killed or separated

  • The Holocaust: The Oppression Of The Holocaust

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    Holocaust might have been the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored oppression what’s more homicide for six million Jews by those Nazi administration What 's more its collaborators. Holocaust may be An statement of Greek beginning importance "sacrifice Eventually Tom 's perusing shoot. " the Nazis, who went should energy On Germany to January 1933, accepted that Germans were "racially superior" Furthermore that those Jews, esteemed "inferior," were an outsider danger of the purported German racial

  • Personal Narrative Essay: All Quiet On The Western Front

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    The soldiers rejoiced at this during the hangings, drinking and laughing, as we watched the communist dogs be put to death. We drank the schnapps from local bars. German liquor is much better and more potent! We laughed as one soldier drew a picture of the spectacle. We had a Dührer in our midst. One man tried to escape from the gallows, but he was quickly gunned down by pistol fire. Franz asked me to share my stories about my fighting in Kursk. “Last July, I fought a prolonged, hard-fought battle

  • Tiger I Research Paper

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    original Tiger I tank, its role was to attack enemy obstacles and strong points, create breakthroughs in the enemy line, and engage enemy armor formations. It debuted in the battle of Normandy and fought on both the Western and Eastern Fronts in the Wehrmacht and SS heavy tank battalions in limited numbers throughout the rest of the war. Through the incorporation of sloped hull armor, the of the world’s best main guns during World War II - the KwK 43 L/71, a wide-track suspension system that reduced ground

  • The Diepe Raid: Why The Dieppe Uncovered

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    Winston Churchill was calmly tapping his fingers away on his office desk, while his lips were pursed to a Le Aroma de Cuba cigar (Brewster, 4). He closed his eyes, and he had to make a decision quickly. He opened his eyes and he shook his head because he thought the decision he made was horrible. He called one of his generals, and told them to start planning an attack on France (Brewster, 4). This is when the Dieppe raid was created. Without the execution of the Dieppe raid, the Allied forces would

  • Hannah Arendt's Analysis

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    According to Arendt, the accused was not a devil, but more of a "buffoon". Arendt saw Adolf Eichmann as a normal hard-working bureaucrat without "devilish-demonic depth". Obedience, a sense of duty and career thinking seemed to have motivated him much more than ideological fanaticism or low motives. He committed monstrous crimes without being a monster. “Arendt saw in Eichmann a disturbingly average man of middling intelligence. She didn’t see Attila the Hun in him but something she described as

  • Narrative Essay On D Day

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    up. It won’t stop. We push on. Our team was given a crucial task. One of their key lieutenants must be taken down. The trek through the Nazi territory will require perfect, but almost impossible stealth. France is flooding with soldiers from the Wehrmacht, with one order. Shoot to kill. Nine of us, against the entirety of the Germany

  • The Woodcutter Short Story

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    Two days later, early we say farewell to Gilbert’s grandmother. In the company of grandfather, and a woodcutter settled in the wagon pulled by the horses. Gilbert's grandfather explained to us; we're a family on his way to a nearby village to a funeral. The trip made on routes between farms throughout the region to cross a village which passes through and arrived at a farm where two younger women. There we parted from Gilbert Grandpa to the woodcutter. They told us these persons be responsible