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Online resources about the Mohawk

Author: Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs
Type: tribal
Description: Mohawk Nation home page. The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs is an acknowledged administrative agency for the Mohawk people.

URL: http://pages.slic.com/mohawkna/home.html

Kahon:wes’s Mohawk & Iroquois Homepage
Author: Kahon:wes
Type: tribal
Description: Mohawk and Iroquois resources, including language resources and a link to the Iroquois Constitution. Page was created using 100% recycled bits.

URL: http://www.kahonwes.com/

Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne
Type: tribal
Description: This is the official home page of the artisans and craftworkers of the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne. It includes information about history, tradition and culture, arts and crafts, local organizations and an on-line gift shop.

URL: http://www.peacetree.com/akwesasne/home.htm

Author: Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Type: tribal
Description: Contains alot of information about the Mohawks, such as specific information on government, food, clothing, shelter, and ceremonies, books and ideas, etc.

URL: http://olivetreegenealogy.com/moh/index.shtml

The Wampum Chronicles: A Website of Mohawk History
Author: Akiatonharonkwen (Darren Bonaparte)
Type: tribal
Description: “The Wampum Chronicles: A Website of Mohawk History represents independent research into Mohawk history. It is based on historical documentation, secondary sources, and Mohawk oral tradition. ” Includes biographical information on the author Akiatonharonkwen (Darren Bonaparte).

URL: http://www.wampumchronicles.com/

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