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Anasazi Diaspora
Author: Paula Giese
Type: etext
Description: Excerpt from Navajo Visions and Voices Across the Mesa, by Shonto Begay.

URL: http://www.kstrom.net/isk/art/beads/shonto.html

Dine (Navajo Nation)
Author: Utah Division of Indian Affairs
Type: tribal
Description: Brief history, demographics and tribal government information of the Navajo Nation.

URL: http://www.dced.state.ut.us/indian/Today/dine_.html

Type: tribal
Description: This page on the tribe is part of a Native North American Cultures online exhibit created by Minnesota State University – Mankato.

URL: http://www.anthro.mankato.msus.edu/cultural/northamerica/navajo.html

Navajo Indians
Author: Robert S. McPherson
Type: tribal
Description: Information about Navajo history from an online version of the Utah History Encyclopedia.

URL: http://www.uen.org/cgi-bin/websql/ucme/media_display.hts?file_name=ta000644.txt&media;_type=text&media;_item_id=341

Navajo Nation Home Page
Author: Navajo Nation
Type: tribal
Description: Official site for the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the Southwest.

URL: http://www.navajo.org/

NAVAJO: Dine (The People)
Author: L. Michael Smith
Type: tribal
Description: Part of the Four Corners Post Card site, includes information about the origin, history, and religion.

URL: http://www.ausbcomp.com/redman/navajo.htm

Vee F. Browne
Author: Karen M. Strom
Type: gensource
Description: Personal site of Vee F. Browne, including contact information and writing samples.

URL: http://www.hanksville.org/storytellers/VBrowne/

Voices from a troubled land : Letters from Big Mountain Elders to the SSCIA
Author: Dine Alliance
Type: tribal
Description: Letters and photographs of Navajo elders from the book Voices from a Troubled Land, a not-for-profit project by Dine Alliance.

URL: http://theofficenet.com/~redorman/voices/voices.html

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