Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Hints & Tips

Everyone can use advice once in awhile, so here is some advice on doing your Science Fair project and doing it well. Find out how to schedule your project and what the judges are looking for. Learn from judges and students who’ve been there. Be sure to look at the Sample Projects, too, so you’ll know what works.

Listen to the podcast of an interview with Raleigh Burt, who won the Colorado State Science Fair in 2005. He explains how he did his project and what it’s like to go to the regional and state-level science fair.

Education Place
Need help getting organized? Here is a schedule for completing a project in 8 weeks.

"What makes a good science project? Here’s some advice from a science fair judge…"

Science News for Kids
Get tips from the kids who’ve been there! Middle-schoolers share their advice on every step of the project, from choosing a topic to preparing your display.

Science World: Winning Tips
Get advice from experts: science fair judges and two students who presented winning projects. They’ll help you create a strong display and tell you how to make a strong impression when the judges reach your table.

Dr. Shawn’s 4 Fundamental Rules
Dr. Shawn tells you his 4 Most Important Secrets to Science Fair Success, starting with "Choose a Topic That Interest You!" and showing the difference between good research questions and bad ones.

Sample Projects

Example Science Project

Here’s an example of a completed project report. It describes the purpose, hypothesis, and procedure, as well as showing how the data is presented in both a table and a graph.

Twin Groves: Exemplary Projects
You can see every detail of this excellent sample project: the hypothesis, the research, the data, the procedures, the conclusion, and more.