Science Fair Project Resource Guide

The Scientific Method

The scientific method is the process all scientists use to investigate science questions. It involves identifying a problem, learning what is already known about that problem, thinking of a solution or answer (called a hypothesis), doing an experiment to test your hypothesis, and reaching a conclusion based on what you learned.

So before you even begin your project, it is important that you understand the scientific method. Using it to do your project takes some thought, but that’s what science is all about!

FactMonster: Science Fair Projects

Find out about the scientific method, where it came from, and why you need to use it!

Lansing Public Library
Create, perform, and present a scientific experiment using what you learned on this page.

Science Buddies: Introduction to the Scientific Method
See the steps of the scientific method and how they might work in your project.

Learn how to design your experiment so that it provides a valid answer to your research question.