12 Angry Men Discussion Questions

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1. All of 12 jurors in jury have different jobs including high school football coach, bank workers, businessman, stockbroker, house painter and etc. They also have different background, character and experience. I think that diversity is very important. Juror 9, an elderly preacher experienced a long time in society and he pointed out a possibility that a woman is out of vanity and her evidence is not reliable. Also, Juror 8 is an architect and he use a test to verify if an elderly man, who is one of witnesses in this case and experienced a stroke before, is capable to move to door in 15 seconds. His job as an architect helped him as a juror. Juror 5 grown up in a violent slum, and 2. Relationship between Juror 3 and his son is pretty tough. Juror3 linked defendant to his son, a …show more content…

Juror9-clarifier Juror10-self-confuser he is aggressive and discriminated people come from slum Juror11- information seeker he is pretty good at analyzing and give many useful thoughts to group. Juror12-follower he had no idea and even changed his opinion for 3 times. 10. Based on my experience, I think that kind of group work may be available but it is pretty hard. I used to build a team with my classmates to join in a social research. We discussed a lot during our plan and our 11. Juror11 is a fan of Yankees and he wants to see games after meeting. He is not interested in vote. He vote defendant as guilty at start but changed his mind when he saw more and more juror started to vote defendant as not guilty. 12. Juror3 I think is “devil’s advocacy” in this film. He had a tight relationship with his son and he is aggressive in this meeting so he always held different opinion with others. Tight relationship between he and his son I think is his motivation. 13. at the beginning, jurors did not believe others. They usually criticize to each other. When they discussed deeply, they established trust

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