18f Fdg Case Study

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Procedure 18F FDG PET CT and 99m Tc MIBI whole body scans are done on 2 consecutive days after obtaining informed consent from the patient and by-stander. 18F FDG Whole body imaging- 8-10 mCi (296-370MBq) of 18 F-Fluro-Deoxy-Glucose (18 F-FDG) was injected, I.V. in euglycemic status. Time of injection was noted along with pre injection and post injection counts. Whole body PT/CT images (head to mid thigh) were acquired after 45min-60min post injection. Oral and IV contrast was given for CT part of the study in patients with normal renal function status. Otherwise, only plain water was used as a neutral oral contrast. Acquisition was done on GE Discovery PET 8 slice CT scanner with patient positioned supine with arms raised above the head. Initially, a breath hold CT of the chest was acquired followed by a head to mid thigh routine contrast enhanced or non-contrast CT. Acquisition was performed by a qualified CT and a nuclear medicine technologist. The total time period for the CT imaging was approximate 5 minutes. The CT acquisition parameters are as follows- Current strength 120 mA, 140 kv voltage, pitch-1.5-1, helical mode…show more content…
Supine-Anterior Posterior static 10 minutes images (128*128 matrix) were acquired in a GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 scanning system using low energy high resolution parallel hole collimator. SPECT CT was done to confirm doubtful lesions. SPECT Acquisition-parameters are as follows- Matrix : 128 * 128; number of projections: 40; view angle : 9 degrees; mode : step and shoot; time : 15 sec/projection; window : Tc99m. CT acquisition parameters are as follows- current: 2.5 mA; voltage: 140 Kv; total exposure time : 129 seconds; mode : helical; pitch : 1.9; interval : 4.42; Velocity of CT rotation :4.42; matrix : 512*512; filter : bone; slice thickness : 5mm; total slices : 44; CT D/vol :

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