1920s And 1930s Comparison Essay

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The 1920’s and the 1930’s were two completely different life styles for everybody. Before going into great detail I would describe the 1920’s as the time of money, luxury, and extravagant parties. The 1930’s on the other hand were entirely different, it consisted of bankruptcy, jobless, starved, and sadness. The 1920’s opened doors for the lives of the African American people in Harlem. In the video a black man states, “If I had to choose between heaven and Harlem, ooooooo, Harlem of course would win every time.” Before this time African Americans didn’t have a space that they felt like this about. If you were to ask this question again to one of them 10 years before I’m sure their answer would be heaven. The other big component to the African American citizens is they were able to get jobs and money and if they were talented, become famous like the musician Louis Armstrong. Harlem gave them a place to go out, go to the clubs, see live music and dancing. Harlem also gave a new idea for African Americans, in the video it stated, “was proud to be black.” The whites called it the “Harlem Renaissance,” this was a big step forward in the freedom of African Americans. This goes to show that the 1920’s were a significant time for not only everybody but …show more content…

The movie states, “the number of millionaires in the 1920’s had jump 400 percent over the previous decade. A million dollars in 1920 is equivalent to 12.5 million dollars in the year 2016. Just from those to facts if gives the perspective that money was getting made in the 1920’s. A question one would ask is, what were they doing with all that money? In the video it talks about families owning many large homes with 8 butlers and a yacht. When having these large houses they were hosting big parties with famous musicians and bands. The life these people were living was truly the luxury life and the American

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