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Zoe Davis
Garrett Jensen
Mar 3, 2023 The Harlem Renaissance
Although often overlooked or lumped in with roaring 20s, The Harlem Renaissance stands as one of the most important literature movements. Giving a voice to the voiceless, its celebration of African American life and its message of hope for the future sparked a change in the country that is still going on today. Although often overlooked or lumped in with roaring 20s, The Harlem Renaissance stands as one of most important movements in American literature because it gave voice to those who had none before it and celebrated African Americanism while also providing hope for a better future. The Harlem Renaissance began in Harlem New York, just following the great …show more content…

It was a time for people to embrace their roots, as well as to embrace their new-found wealth and power. The impact that this movement had on racial relations is undeniable; it opened people's eyes about the way minorities are treated in our society today and it encouraged them to stand up for their rights as citizens. It was the first time black American were given a real platform to create things or speak out against injustice. The people of the Harlem Renaissance were the first to speak out against racial discrimination and were the first in America to have a platform to create things. Without the platform created in that movement so many other movements might not have started. The Harlem Renaissance was an important time for both African Americans and whites because it gave them an opportunity to expand their horizons through art and music. It helped to establish the African American identity in America, as well as provide inspiration for future generations. The Harlem Renaissance introduced America to Jazz, different art styles, and many great writers. It expanded the horizons of Americans and things created in the movement were able to branch into other things we now consider staples of American society. The Harlem Renaissance, which was a period of great cultural and artistic achievement in the United States, is significant because it brought an influx of African-American talent to the American literary scene. The Harlem Renaissance brought with it a new, unique perspective and it contributed many things to American

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