1930s American Family

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The Roaring Twenties was a time of modern growth that led to future effects. At the beginning of the 1930’s, Americans saw themselves economically in trouble, since they had entered the Great Depression. The Great Depression broke and united families, created job opportunities, as well as improved the U.S, and it also forced families to adapt to new environments and lifestyles. The American family was badly affected by the dramatic drop in the economy, especially the low working families to the extent of falling apart. As a matter of fact, “marriage rates fell dramatically during the depression” (Boyer & Stuckey, p. 452). In addition, birth rates decreased due to young people holding back on marriage, therefore, families weren’t expanding (Boyer & Stuckey, p. 453). In other cases, families stuck by each other’s sides to stay motivated through the hard times. Additionally, “relatives doubled up in small houses, and young adults moved back in with their parents” (Boyer & Stuckey, p. 452). Whether the American family grew or declined, the efforts to survive were endless. Moving back in …show more content…

Roosevelt established a series of programs to help all Americans under his New Deal. Those programs, such as the Civil Works Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Southern Tenant Farmers Union created job opportunities (Analysis of the New Deal, 2016). With the help of those programs, families were able to survive even with the minimum amount of pay at the time. Aside from creating jobs for survival, the programs provided labor that helped improve the United States. New schools, libraries, hospitals, post offices, and playgrounds were built (“How the New Deal,” 2016). Families from all races, sizes, and ethnicities were able to benefit from those creations. All the efforts that Roosevelt did to help the families, including farm families, proved him a more efficient president than Herbert Hoover since Hoover believed that time and humor would save the

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