1960s Vs Today Research Paper

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Did you know that all Africans Americans were outsiders in the 60s they weren’t accepted anywhere. The 60s were a time of revolution in american life and culture. In today's society you are mostly accepted either way you looked. Back in the 60s a lot of the kids 14 and up were drug users. People were very racist and in today’s society African American people are accepted. Also women were not accepted much like today. People may say that the 60s had the civil rights movement and that was good but they also don't mention that the African Americans had to fight and go though people calling them inappropriate names and the Africans lived in poverty because no white person would accept their money for rent. I believe that today's society is a lot better and safer than in the 60s. …show more content…

According to the text “In today's society people get tattoos, piercings, and write books or songs without being judged or told not to do it. Back then, people could have done these things, but with more judgement.” This highlights the difference between the 1960s and today by stating that people today can do what they want if they want and back then people would criticize people about it. Today is so much better without as much criticism and peoples judgement affects you but it doesn’t. Next, I believe the 1960s was full of segregation and people who were very violent against African Americans. It states in the text “People like Martin Luther King and Rosa parks were fight for African American civil rights.” This shows the fact that African Americans were actually fighting just to be like everyone else and get people to think of them the same as everyone else. They didn't get a fair trial or anything they had to prove to the white men and women. African Americans were biased and never accepted until the civil rights act was

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