Dystopia In 1984

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What in today's society is parallel to George Orwell's 1984?

The book 1984 written by George Orwell in 1948, depicted a dystopian future with the forced removal of individuality and free thinking as an effect of a revolution which put Oceania's residence in a tight grasp in their leader "Big Brother's" hands. It also is a fine representation of a cycle in which the lower classes living in dystopia are fueling the higher classes utopia and luxurious life. 1984 is known as the guide to the 20th century as it is an effective field guide into what is an unmistakable dystopian future. It depicts horrific themes of widespread media control, lack of personal privacy, and parents being scared of their own children. But have we succeeded in making
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This is another aspect that over the years has become parallel with our modern society as widespread chaos spread across the internet as people scrambled to their screens to see the result of the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to revoke Net Neutrality. The result passed despite the masses of the online community voting against the removal of Net Neutrality. There has also been shocking news in media as the February 10th school shooting in the US causing some of the survivors of the attack being accused of being Crisis actors. This huge web of truth and lies have caused the lines to blur in term of what is truth and what is false, we live in a time when there aren't solid answers, similar to that of…show more content…
The people in 1984 are terrified by their kids as they are exposed to images of war, chaos, and love for Big Brother to the point where they would be happy to serve and lay down their lives for him. The children have the ability to report their parents or any other adult of being against Big Brother and causing them to be erased from history. These children are rewarded and considered to be serving their country by doing these acts. The real world has a very similar situation as kids have the ability to phone up hotlines for child protection and utilize the power to have the parents stripped from them. These children are recognized as heroes as they expose the wrongdoings of the parents and even get away with false calls or overreacting from a small event.

The world of 1984 while being the best example of a horrific dystopian society, can even today be used to show how the world has been stepping towards dystopia. There are extreme parallels to the real world, could this mean that the world truly is going towards a similar fate to 1984? The world has had some close calls and some closer ones coming soon with nuclear war being an ongoing threat. The world is hanging in the balance and the extreme totalitarian society of 1984 could very well become a reality, but as of now, there isn't much we can do than let the leaders of the world decide our
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