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Ok, so it's your turn to host this year's 4th of July party. As we all know too well, the downtime between eating and watching the fireworks can be a long and arduous one, especially if your party guests have children. So, to bail you out of hours of boredom and the thought of never being asked to host another 4th of July party, below are a few "themed" party games to entertain the masses.

The first one involves embracing your inner child - invite all party attendees to join in a parade. You can purchase streamers, party horns, balloons, obviously in red, white and blue and have them readily available for your guests or you could request they bring their pre-decorated bicycles or scooters/skateboards with them. Obviously, if you waited and did the decorating at you party; this would also help fill that void space of time until the fireworks. You can have prizes ready to hand out for the funniest, best all around or most creative. If you are extra adventurous, you can all line up and bravely peddle and scoot …show more content…

Some can act out being the Statue of Liberty, Abraham Lincoln, etc.

Along this same line you can play the guessing game where you fill a jar, yep, you guessed it with red, white and blue something; be it jellybeans, gum, hard candies, M&Ms, etc. and have your guests guess how many are in the jar. Obviously the winner would be the person who is the closest to the correct number without going over.

Last, but not least, fireworks. While they are not really a game, you can have your guests help organize which ones get set off after which. You have to be careful though because in some places blowing off fireworks at home is illegal and you should always be the pyrotechnician setting them off - not the children. The "I'm sorry officer I let a child get hurt while blowing off fireworks illegally at my home" game is not one that you get a really great prize

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