Unit 55 Body Weight Exercise

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55 body weight exercises can no where

Get ready to General

Do high reps with the weight may be valued on the basis of a couple of reasons as to fat labor. The muscle fibers are strands of muscle cramps in the middle of high reps.

It thus will be eliminated from the body in the midst of low glycogen activity, have low glycogen. It is fundamental to fully absorb high muscle.

Furthermore, an important hormone growth hormone, which is to lose fat in the style of High Representative, plans to extend lactate (GH) production support.

Faster recovery between sets to a shock much faster than the fiber strands to direct a Yank.

Amazing Weight practice as generally free weights and compound exercises using a comparable approach in addition to lower …show more content…

Be the first one raised surface (the relationship), said surface having a foot behind you. The knee of your back leg straight touches the ground in the center, dive, and go down to go back to the starting position after the push. Claw guarantee leg does not move past the knee in front of you.


Bow on each of the squares above 90 degrees with sore legs quickly lift one leg behind you. Repeat with the leg back to the starting position and communicate. This classification puts more emphasis on the glutes, hamstrings and lower.

Hip Raise

Overweight distress of his body while you can try to use only a single leg is to improve.


Lie down on your back with your knees and feet on the floor. Back of the head with your hands, you get to go down to the middle and upper floors. Two fast grab, and pull myself back then.


Standing up lying down on the floor with your lower arms and hands were found. Extend your legs back and climb on your toes. Holding back straight, hold the position for you inside, quads and glutes solution and 30-60 seconds (or the length of the can).

Knee Tuck

Or swinging from a crossbeam, pull your knees toward your trunk. Keep intact ABS, swinging rejected.

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