PAF 301: Written Performance Task

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PAF 301 Written Performance Task

1. The two fitness tests I’m most proud of is my full sit ups in a minute and beep test results. The exercises I did in my three week fitness program to help me accomplish my 55 sit ups in a minute included a variety of core exercises. I’ve done side planks, sit ups, planks, russian twists, hollow holds, running mans, v-snaps, mountain climbers, plank jacks, wood chops and tuck extends. As I have worked various parts of my rectus abdominis such as my obliques and transversus abdominis, my body has gained an overall stomach toning. This overall toning and exercise lead to an increase of 15 more sit ups in a minute from my first fitness test results. Moving forward, running 50 lengths of the gym on Friday, January …show more content…

My upper body goal was to achieve overall arm toning and the specific exercises I’ve done were bicep curls, tricep extensions, medicine ball slams, push-ups, man makers and tricep push-ups. All these exercises were done as an endurance workout so targeting several different muscle groups in my arm helped me get toned. Next, my lower body goal is to lose weight in my upper thighs and tone my gluteus maximus. The specific exercises that helped me achieve this goal were squat jumps, side leg pulses, donkey kicks, lunges, squat kicks and fire hydrants. These exercises worked my adductor longus, gracilis, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. My rectus femoris and bicep femoris have also received some toning because these exercises also targeted those muscles. Since those muscles are used in my endurance workouts, I have been able to see visible results in not only my fitness testing results, but my own body as well; I’ve lost some weight in my legs and I’ve got a more firm gluteus maximus. To continue with my third goal of toning my rectus abdominis, I chose to complete an endurance workout because a strength workout would result in gaining muscle mass, which does not achieve my goal. In order to accomplish this, I have done planks, v-snaps, tuck extends, wood chops, side planks, russian twists, hollow holds, running mans, mountain climbers, crossover sit ups, banana rolls and windshield wipers. These exercises fit in with my goals because increasing reps and weight in my core workouts lead to a stronger and tighter core consequently leading to a toned rectus

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