7.5 Vs Constitution

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Primary source readings 7.4 and 7.5 are two opposite ends of the spectrum , however they are both being written with the same concept in mind; the constitution. In both readings the men express a genuine concern for the people also. Yet, they say completely different things regarding the effect that the constitution will have on the country. In 7.4 James Madison reassures the people of New York that the constitution will keep the branches of government separated and prevent the central government from becoming too powerful. This is the exact fear that the American people have regarding the constitution. In fact he explains to the people that without the constitution in play the very freedom they are enjoying due to their previous hard fight will be lost. He says that the only way to keep the branches of government separated to prevent one that is too powerful is to have a binding document such as the constitution. As …show more content…

He begins by trying to encourage the people to see that the constitution will take away what they have fought so hard for. He continues by giving the reasons as to why the people should question the constitution. He mainly points out that there is a reason the Constitutional Convention was held in secrecy and that the people should recognize and be unsettled about this. Another reason he has no faith in the constitution and suggests that the people should not either is because they want it ratified quickly. He believes this is because they do not want the people to look over the constitution too thoroughly and find flaws or areas that will take away from the people having control. And he mentions this in the reading, “… it is an attempt to force it upon them before it could be thoroughly understood…” (76,

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