A Boy In The Nazi Death Camp Book Summary

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A Boy In The Nazi Death Camps The novel “A boy In the Nazi Death Camps” tells the story of Jack Mandelbaum, A Nazi camp survivor. This story takes place during World War II, Jack, his older sister, younger brother, mother, and father live in Gdynia beautiful port city in Poland. Rumors there were spreading that the Germans were about to start bombing campaigns in Poland. Out of fear, Jack’s father gathered his family and put them one a train to go to his father, who lived in a smaller less popular town. Jack’s father had to stay in Gdynia for business and to take care of their house. After one day of travel jack and his family arrived in his grandfather’s town. Jack’s grandfather dressed all in black and spoke Yiddish. He was a very religious man and encouraged Jack to take part in Jewish activities. To please his grandfather Jack began to wear a small round skullcap. In his grandfather’s town Jack first experienced anti-semitism. The non Jewish boys constantly picked on the jewish …show more content…

Hitler committed suicide, and his generals had either killed them self, got arrested, or gone into hiding. Germany was now divided into four sections: Russian, French, British, and American. Moneike found his brothers and together they went to America to start over,but Jack staid and continued to search for his family. One day he found his aunt kinda in a building. She informed jack that his father had passed away in a concentration camp. Jack was amazed at this discovery but continued to try and reunite with his family. He traveled to the village were Jadzia was he there learned that she had been shot by a Nazi while trying to protect their aunts new born. After this Jack also discovered his mother and brother were sent to gas chambers in at a concentration camp. After learning of his family murder Jack decided there was nothing left in Europe for him and move to America with his aunt Hinda, her husband, and his second cousins Arek and

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