Comparing Paradise Lost And Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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A Comparative Analysis of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Prominent authors have different ways in making their works distinguished. Some had influenced different authors with their style and themes which may show their presence in those authors’ work. One of the remarkable authors of English literature, John Milton, was known for his epic poem, Paradise Lost. This epic poem with Satan as the protagonist, has influenced various works of Literature, one of which is Frankenstein, a novel written by Mary Shelley. With the guidance of Mary Shelley’s husband, Percy Shelley who was greatly influenced by Milton, a Miltonic element was somehow evident in her novel. Mary Shelley was able to write a work with a series of complex parallels to John Milton’s Paradise Lost. In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, the story of Adam and Eve was used to portray to his readers how to be a better Christian. However, the protagonist in the epic is Satan, not Adam and Eve. Satan is considered to be the protagonist of the epic, because he had a goal, which is to corrupt humankind. Though his aspirations are evil, he still struggled to achieve it. He is considered to be a Byronic hero, an outlaw that is tormented by his past and is isolated from society. Satan was expelled from Heaven because of his jealousy from the Son of God which caused him to be a rebel. He also defined his own moral code by deciding he wanted evil to be his good. Contrastingly, Adam and Eve were
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