A Good Man Is Hard And Find

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Imagine being in a car with an annoying grandmother with two rude kids on each side. The grandmother is an odd person and the family is very quiet except the kids, the family goes on a trip and ends up into trouble. This happens in the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O 'Connor, David Sedaris 's “Us and Them” illustrates similar grotesque characters and suspicious moods. Both stories have sassy and rude characters. For instance, the grandmother, from “ A Good Man is Hard to Find” is being selfish by wanting to drive to East Tennessee. She had been making up excuses, like for example, “Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is… headed toward Florida… I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like…show more content…
In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” ,O’Connor displays The Misfit as a suspicious character. He is sneaky and cunning. In the scene where he talks to the family, he is not letting on what he is going to do, which displays a suspicious mood. For example, he says, “...but it would have been better for all of you, lady, if you hadn’t of reckernized me” (O’Connor 7). The grandmother is pleading for her life and asks if the Misfit will shoot her, he says, “I would hate to have to” (O’Connor 7) On the other hand, while David is spying on the Tomkeys, he thinks, “Because they had no TV, the Tomkeys were forced to talk during dinner. They had no idea how puny their lives were, and so they were not ashamed that a camera would have found them uninteresting” (Sedaris 720). He is also setting a suspicious mood on what he is going to do next. His choices are to tell the Tomkeys that their lives were puny and insignificant or he can tell them nothing and be their friend. He is also a suspicious character because reader are unknowing of his plans. For example, he informs the reader,”It occurred to me that they needed a guide, someone who could accompany them through the course of an average day” (Sedaris 721). The reader does not know if he is going to point out all the thing the Tomkey children don’t know or if he is going to stay quiet and let them figure it out by themselves. In summary, there can be different types of moods,
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