A Good Man Is Hard To Find Moral Code Analysis

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Morgan Devitt Professor Teem ENGL 1101 2 December 2014 Moral Code In Flannery O’Connor’s short story, ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’ O’Connor reflects her views on society through the Misfit and the grandmother. Throughout the story, the characters display what they think are definitions of a good man, but O’Connor shows us that a man who follows correct moral code and is honest is the real definition of a good man. The grandmother throughout the story does little things that break her own moral code. To start out in the first sentence of the story the grandmother was brought up. “The grandmother did not want to go to Florida” (O’Connor 1). It says she wanted to go to east Tennessee. She tried to get her son Bailey not to go to Florida, and she also looked down on the mother for wanting to take them to somewhere they had been before, when she had been to Tennessee before. She broke her own moral code. The grandmother has a very twisted view on the world. She can be backwards at times and also very wrong. The grandmother thinks a good man could fall for anything, like Red Sammy. In her eyes a good man doesn’t have to be a good man as long as she gets her way. The grandmother’s life is centered on herself. She is a very self centered woman and doesn’t care about anyone but herself, including her family. When the Misfits men take them away all she is worried about is herself. She thinks the misfit would not kill a lady but in all reality she doesn’t amount to her proper

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