A Good Man Is Hard To Find Grandmother Essay

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For the vast majority of the public, the Grandmother in Flannery O’Conner’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find may seem, by all accounts, to be dissimilar in relation to the Misfit, yet in this exposition, their characters will be comparable in their religious thoughts and principles. The Grandmother is a character quite striking on her own, and O’Conner’s is able to bring her more to life with the characters that she writes to interact with the Grandmother. She is a mother, a religious woman, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She holds high standards for her family, calling out her son for wanting to take them down to Florida where the Misfit has been known to be, she is critical of her daughter-in-law, and even her own grandchildren she chastises. However, while she holds high standards for them, she herself is at fault for sneakily hiding the cat in the car, which is the catalyst for the car accident. She lies to her grandchildren about the secret panel in the house, and she hides the fact that she misremembered where the house was. When the Misfit endangers their lives, the Grandmother only pleads for him to spare her life, with her being a “lady,” not even attempting to intercede for her son and his family. In some ways, readers are meant to judge this character whose secret thoughts we are made privy to. Nevertheless, contrary to reasoned …show more content…

Who threatens and yet blusters. His name speaks clearly as to his past. He believes that he has been misidentified by his past crimes. In addition, while he might have been falsely accused for the first crime, it is clearly shown that he is not afraid to inflict pain upon his victims. When the Grandmother asks him about prayer he shows that he believes that there is no need for prayer, that he is doing “all right by [himself].” The Misfit is clearly knowledgeable about the scripture, showing that at one time he, himself, had a spiritual

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