Why The Grandmother In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” “In a Good Man is Hard To Find” the Grandmother expresses herself as a lady of upmost standards. In actuality she lives as a Grandmother from the old South whose mouth runs on its own. The Metamorphosis includes Gregor a self-proclaimed family man who tries to take on most of the responsibilities. His way of living seems great for everyone, but at the same time does not seem necessary. In A Good Man is Hard to Find” and The Metamorphosis, The Grandmother and Gregor despite being completely different, also share very similar qualities. They differ in values but in the same way they are irresponsible and nuisances to…show more content…
Both characters prove themselves as costly individuals. While dining in Red Sammy’s dinner Grandmother begins to reminisce about her old plantation. A plantation that she believes currently resides in Georgia, but actually resides in Tennessee. This mishap proves costly for the family because through her manipulation they drive to a destination they will never reach. Gregor’s costly mistake of becoming the head caretaker and trying to live lavish proves costly for his family. He does not think of the moment where an emergency might occur and his inability to work will affect them. Who will volunteer for the position as head caretaker? The whole family has to pitch in to take care of that position but they still have to endure the price of the unnecessarily big house. Gregor and The Grandmother does not really think despite going through so much already. The family now in a rough position because of The Grandmother’s mistake of the location of the plantation now needs to plea for help from anyone who drives by. Eventually someone does passes by and The Grandmother notices his identity. "You 're The Misfit!" she said. "I recognized you at once!" What a thoughtless remark by The Grandmother. "Yes 'm," the man said, smiling slightly as if he were pleased in spite of himself to be known, "but it would have been better for all of you, lady, if you hadn 't of reckernized me." Even…show more content…
Families tend to have a lot of patience, but both of these characters present themselves as nuisances. Alienation from the family seems to solve the annoyance from these pest. Bailey Blue and Mother accepting the task of taking care of The Grandmother seem to already reach that point of not responding to foolishness. Most of the comments that The Grandmother relay to Bailey Blue and Mother tends to go with the wind or she gets a response from the grandchildren. Gregor also gets the alienation treatment. The fact that Gregor looks like an actual pest doesn’t help anyone. His room now represents his domain because he can’t go anywhere else. If he ever tries to leave this domain, he has to face his father with a rolled up newspaper. Both characters proves themselves as an unsought responsibility. The Grandmother doesn’t want to go to Florida and tries to convince Bailey Blue to go to Tennessee. Her suggestion goes unheard as usual and John Wesley puts his two cents on why she should stay home. "She wouldn 't stay at home for a million bucks," June Star said. "Afraid she 'd miss something. She has to go everywhere we go." The Grandmother establishes herself as unwanted company and even though she knows this, she goes regardless. Gregor also has become an unwanted responsibility. Not many people would wake up and want to take care of an insect out of the blue. With Gregor in the house, at least one person need to stay in the house to watch him. One of the maids after learning the

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