A Hero: The Qualities Of A Hero

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To be considered a hero, there are certain qualities and characteristics one must possess. One of the qualities of a hero is supernatural, or “larger than life” abilities. An example of a fictional hero with this ability is the Hulk. The Hulk has super strength which allows him to life things that a human physically cannot. This is a “larger than life” ability because it is not possible during this lifetime for a human to lift cars, buildings, and just about anything else the Hulk wants.
Someone in real life that possesses “larger than life” qualities is my leader in Younglife, one of my best friends, Sarah. I believe Sarah has “larger than life” qualities because she has more love, joy, and kindness to others than anyone else I know. Not many people I know can show love and joy in times of hardship, love others unconditionally after just meeting for the first time, and have a life that reflects that of Jesus. She is such an inspiration in my life and the dozens of other high school girls she leads.
Another quality of a hero is being charged with a quest. A fictional character that is charged with a quest is Batman. When Batman is called by the bat shaped light in the sky, he is sent to locate the light source. After he finds the light, he must help whoever is in danger and get them to safety. The entire process of helping someone in trouble is the quest that Batman must complete every day.
A person who completes quests in real life could be a detective. When a detective is
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