A Literary Analysis Of Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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Literary Analysis on “A Worn Path” The short story “A Worn Path,” written by Eudora Welty, depicts the journey of an elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson who walks from her home to the city of Natchez in need of medicine for her sick grandson. Phoenix experiences many obstacles that do not interrupt her trip, but rather make her a stronger woman for overcoming them. In A Worn Path, Welty illustrates her journey through several key symbols: the name Phoenix, the path, and the windmill.
Phoenix shares a name with a creature which reflects her indefatigable nature, her constant striving towards her goal, as well as her unflagging optimism and high spirits (Goodman). The Phoenix is a mythological creature that lives for five centuries …show more content…

Phoenix says, “I going to the store and buy my child a little windmill they sells, made out of paper” (Welty). Windmills have no beginning or end points on them, like Phoenix’s continuous journey. She goes into town to retrieve her grandson’s medicine, returns home, then sets off again when the time is needed. No matter the conditions, Phoneix keeps on going, just like a windmill. The windmill equips nature into energy, and represents the hope that her grandson may use his innate skills to push on and extend the worn path further. Given her grandson’s injuries that hope is as fragile as the paper windmill. This reminds us that hope is fragile, and is contingent on historical and civil efforts beyond Phoenix and her grandson. Phoenix Jackson perseveres to achieve a purposeful goal. Phoenix Jackson stayed true to her faith in times of desperation. Against the obstacles, she was willing to reach her destination to provide her grandson with the medicine he is in need of. Welty illustrates Phoenix Jackson’s agitated journey through several meaningful symbols. These symbols assist to achieve that Phoenix Jackson’s journey was difficult but worth

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