A Worn Path Phoenix Jackson Character Analysis

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In the story “A Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson was an old African American women. She takes a small journey that can be an allegory of someone's whole life. The journey had hard and easy parts, beauty, danger, and confusion. But her quest was to get the medicine for her sick grandson who laid at home waiting for her return. Phoenix was a delusional yet heroic, caring grandmother who would stop at nothing to get what she needed. She is an interesting character because she can have characteristics that are good and bad. The two characteristics that are related to her the most was she can be delusional but yet a heroic person. Phoenix was an old lady so she could have had many medical problems we don’t know about. The most noticeable symptoms …show more content…

A hero can be someone in your life that makes a difference that impacts your life or someone who is selfless. In “A Worn Path.” one of Phoenix’s good characteristic can be she is heroic. “ “Well I scared him off that time,” he said and then laughed and lifted his gun and pointed it at Phoenix” When she was up against the hunter and he pointed his gun at her she was never afraid of it. She didn’t back down because she had a job she needed to get done and she wasn’t going to let anyone or anything in her way. She is shown as heroic here because she could have been potentially risking herself for someone else's needs. “No, missy, he not dead, he just the same. Every little while his throat begin to close up again, and he not able to swallow. He not get his breath. He not able to help himself. So the time come around. And I go on another trip for the soothing medicine.” Phoenix is willing to risk her own health and energy to go out and get things for others. From the insight of the nurse she comes on a regular basis. She is constant on coming because she gets the medicine to try and help her grandson get better. Phoenix is doing this out of her selfless and kind heart for her loved ones. If she never cared and was selfish then she would never be making these difficult journeys and wasting her time for someone

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