The Finest Hours

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The Finest Hours by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman is the true story of the brave men who risked their own lives to save others. The journey across the sea consisted of many situations that they had to face. Not many people would risk their own lives to save someone else’s. The book describes the situations in a great deal, and any reader will enjoy reading the book. I personally think that the theme of the book is hope. This is because throughout the whole story the survivors never gave up. They fought through the tremendous weather waiting for help. The survivors knew the chance of surviving was very slim, yet they held on to that little hope of rescue. That little hope helped them survive long enough for rescue. Not only did the survivors on the tankers have hope. Everyone in the story had some kind of hope keeping them going forward. That shows how much hope can keep a person going forward. Hope plays an important role in everyone 's life. The theme of the book reminds me of the book …show more content…

The setting of the book gives a unique attraction to you. The setting was different from the books I have read. The storms out at sea and the blizzards on land give you the feel of what the characters felt. The authors describe the storms at sea in extreme details. That gives you idea of how horrifying sea storms are. You have the idea of what the rescue team and the survivors were going through. Just imagining being on a small lifeboat while 60 foot waves just crashing down on you is horrifying. If you haven 't been near the sea during winter, you will get the idea of how tremendous the storms get. I haven 't been around the ocean much, but I have an idea of how terrifying it can be. What made the setting even more unique, is that it was completely dark out. These men had to search for the tankers with small searchlights in complete darkness. They could have easily been lost themselves with those circumstances. This type of unique setting made the book more

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