Analysis Of The Witch Of The Blackbird Pond

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The Witch of the Blackbird Pond was about a girl named “Kit” or Katherine Tyler who ended up meeting a lady named Hannah Tuff, who people thought was a witch. Kit’s journey began when she moved to Wethersfield to live with her aunt named Rachael after her grandfather passed away. She traveled on a boat called the dolphin, and met Nat Eaten and flirted and hung out with him. She also met a polite, young man named John Holbrook. During the trip they stopped by America, and Kit got off the boat. While getting back on, a small child dropped her toy and pitched a fit, but no one moved so Kit dived in and grabbed it. Then Nat jumped in to save her because he did not think she was able to swim. When they arrived in Wethersfield, she told the captain that she didn’t tell her aunt she was coming, but when Rachael saw her she was happy and let her stay. It was pretty hard to adapt to the new place, and do labor that her old slaves used to do. While working in a field, she asked about a shed by the blackbird pond, and she went to meet the owner who lived there with her cats. She told her aunt about her new friend, but Rachael did not approve because she was mistaken as a “witch”. When in reality she was a Quaker, but it was …show more content…

Kit was very brave. Racheal was gentle and timid. Mathew was Strict. John was very polite and professional. Nat was just cool. Judith was impatient and Mercy was kind. The thing I would change if I had the option might be the title. The title is “The Witch of the Blackbird Pond” and the “witch” is not even mentioned until the eighth chapter and after that she isn’t even really a main character. I liked pretty much everything, except for some awkwardness. There were a lot of themes that I picked up. Kit was a very brave and courageous character and everyone had a lot of loyalty. In conclusion, I would recommend this book. I thought it was pretty

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