A Long Way Gone By Ismael Beah

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Reflection over A Long Way Gone A Long Way Gone is a memoir written by Ismael Beah. It describes Ismael’s time as a child soldier during the Civil War in Sierra Leone. This book explains in detail the obstacles Beah had encountered during this time. A Long Way Gone is filled with violence, tragedy, drugs, war and survival. It is a refreshing take on learning about the Civil War in Sierra Leone.
This books holds firsthand information over the events that occurred. It provides evidence of the unwillingly harsh conditions and acts these young boys had to commit over the course of the war. It also describes the severe use of drugs the boys were given as a way to give them the audacity to fight in the war and also a way to restrain their emotions. Ismael …show more content…

All in all, A Long Way Gone is wonderful through and through and should be given the recommendations it deserves.
Another example of a country in which currently uses child soldiers is Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where Islam is the main religion. It is located in South - Central Asia on the World map. The country is known for its excessive use of children as soldiers. As told by foreignpolicy.com, “Approximately two hundred and fifty thousand children under the age of eighteen are thought to be fighting in conflicts around the world. In Pakistan, a disturbing number of suicide bombers are between twelve and eighteen years old, about ninety percent.”
These children soldiers can be used as suicide bombers, sexual bait, messengers and spies. There are even reports of children under the age of ten being forced to become a child soldier. But, some children do willingly join the armed forces in order to work for their country. These child soldiers are often persuaded into harming their families to make sure that they are not capable of leaving the army and returning to a

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