A Raisin In The Sun Conflict Essay

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A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a play set in the 1950s in Southside Chicago that uncovers the struggles of a black family. The play reflects the challenges and obstacles faced by the family as they try to fulfill their dreams and overcome the racial discrimination of the time. One of the central conflicts in the play is between Mama and Walter, the matriarch, and the head of the household in which their differing perspectives on how to use the insurance money they receive from the death of Walter’s father. The conflict comes from a generational gap of perspective and the different understandings of success in a tough American society in the 1950s The main source of conflict between Mama and Walter is their differing perspectives …show more content…

Mama is upset by this decision and feels that Walter has disregarded her insight and put the family at risk, however, feels bad and chooses to give him some of the money after putting a payment down on a house. The conflict at this point is at a climax and their disagreement highlights the differing values and priorities of Mama and Walter and underscores the complex challenges facing black families in America during the 1950s. The conflict between Mama and Walter is also symbolic of the larger social and political issues facing the black community in America. The play reflects the challenges and obstacles faced by black families as they try to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in a society that denies them equal opportunities. These challenges are a force that drives Mama's desire to maintain stability since she wants the generations that follow them to have an opportunity, they didn’t have whereas Walter represents an ambitious individual who wants to risk the success that can be given to the posterity by trying to bring immediate wealth to his family. Although Walter fails and loses the insurance money he invested, the family’s new house in Clybourne Park that Mama bought ensured their financial stability. According to an article about the assimilation and integration of the family in society discusses, “throughout the play the tension derives from Walter being impulsive and wanting to take action and Mama is there to provide him a realistic perspective.” Walter’s character development is heavily influenced by the conflict with his mother, and it helps him mature and be there for his family in different ways not just

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