A Raisin In The Sun Walter Transformation Essay

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Yan Oiveira
Ms. Orbe
English 1
5 January 2023
Walter’s Transformation
Sometimes money can brainwash people into thinking it's the thing that matters the most. This idea is shown in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry as Walter is trying to convince Mama to give him the insurance money. Although Mama has denied Walter’s request many times and had made it clear she wasn’t going to give him the money. Walter kept insisting because for him it was what mattered the most. Over the course of the story, Walter is dynamic because he changes from being selfish and money hungry to finally starting to make better decisions for his family.
In the beginning of the play Walter was selfish and was going crazy when the insurance money arrived. In …show more content…

In the play, Walter would get angry and go out to drink and come home drunk. That changed when Mama appeased and gave him the money. In the text Mama says,” I want you to take this money and take three thousand dollars and put it in a savings account for Beneatha’s medical schooling. The rest you put in a checking account with your name on it” (Hansberry 107). This shows though Mama gave Walter the money she gave him specific directions in what to do with half of it. That it was going into Beaneatha’s medical schooling. So, throughout the play Walter got really happy when Mama gave him the insurance money but he was selfish and irresponsible in spending it all in the liquid …show more content…

In the play Walter had just lost the money and wasn’t thinking properly. Lindner later shows up at the Younger’s family thinking the family were going to take the deal. Walter starts talking and everyone thinks he’s going to accept it and sell the house but Walter does otherwise. Walter says,” This is my son, and he makes the sixth generation our family in this country. And we have all thought about your offer.” He also says, “ And we have decided to move into our house because my father — my father he earned it for us brick by brick.” (Hansberry 148). This shows an example of when Walter started to make good decisions for his family by moving into the new house in the white neighborhood. So, Walter changed from being selfish to caring more about the people around

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