A Separate Peace And Dead Poet's Society

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Identity It is truly amazing how comparable things are in life when you take a moment to actually compare them. When we use the right side of our brains, and start connecting things, we realize how much in common that certain things or objects have. Not only are physical objects comparable, but texts and literature can be reflected upon and connected to other texts in numerous ways. Characters, setting, mood, and a myriad of other elements in texts have the ability to be compared to something else. In society today, comparison can be seen as something negative. For example, if you’re a high school girl and you spend your whole life comparing yourself to others, it is most likely not bringing you any benefits. This is true if you’re telling …show more content…

Finny and Gene are the two main characters in the former story, and these two are extremely exceptional friends. Finny is outgoing and involved in many activities, and Gene seems to be more reserved and keeps to himself. Even though Gene shows contained emotions, he always goes along with Finny’s crazy ideas to break the rules and have many little adventures and games of his own. In the latter text, two of the most main characters are Neil and Thomas. Neil, like Finny, is involved in many things, including the play, and he doesn’t fear teachers and professors and the rules at the school. When the actual Dead Poet’s Society is created, Neil has no problem going against the school rules to pursue the things that he appreciates. Thomas is the new boy that comes to school in this movie, and as a result, he is a bit more apprehensive and doesn’t draw much attention to himself. However, he always follows Neil and participates in the Dead Poet’s Society, even though he knows that they could very well get into a lot of trouble. These characters from each text have so much in common and they possess many identical characteristics and overall

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