A Summary Of Washington's Journey To The Forks

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During 1754 “Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie(governor of the British) he prompted Washington to lieutenant colonel of the Virginia Regiment and charged him with raising an army of two hundred men to defend Fort Prince George.”() He had struggle and many farmers refused to give food, horse, unsteady wagons. Even in a month, they only had 150 men and they didn’t have any uniforms to wear or tents to protect them from the rain. Also they had few cannons with them. “Washington's army made slow progress on their journey to the Forks. They chopped their way through the woods in order to clear the first road for wheeled vehicles through the Allegheny Mountains. It took them fifteen days to go just twenty miles.”(the fight) The commander of the French forces was Claude-Pierre Pecaudy, seigneur de Contrecoeur, a tough old veteran of the frontier service. Contrecoeur sent a message to the partially finished British fort at the Forks. He told the british army to either leave at once or be wiped out. The British abandoned Fort Prince George so they built their own fort and called it the Fort Duquesne. …show more content…

Washington was upset to hear that the French had captured Fort Prince George, but he soon began planning to reclaim the Forks. The retreating soldiers, who had seen the strength of the French forces with their own eyes, refused to join Washington and instead returned to Virginia. Washington continued on to an Ohio Company warehouse on the Monongahela River, about forty miles from the spot where the French were building Fort Duquesne. His men started building defenses in the area, which they called Red Stone Fort.”(the

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