A Wrinkle In Time Meg Murray Character Analysis

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Meg Murray, is one of the main characters in "A Wrinkle in Time" who was very important in the search for her father and saving her family. When the story begins, Meg is upset and she feels like she doesn't fit in. Her teachers don't think she is very smart, her family is often involved in bad rumors which cause her to lose her temper, and when she compares herself to her twin brother and her mother she feels plain. It seems at the beginning of the novel she wishes away most of her faults, even though they are what will help her later in the novel. One of Meg's main traits that allowed her to be successful in the search for her father was that she was smart and her best subjects were math and science. During the journeys through the galaxies, the three witches that assisted Meg, Charles, and Calvin used a shorter way of transporting called the tesseract. This process used math and science, which allowed Meg to understand the process better than Calvin. Her knowledge also helped her defeat the controller of Camazotz. Another one of Meg's traits is that she had a different approach to school and even to life. Even though at home, this was not approved by most people that Meg knew,…show more content…
Although this didn't do much good when she was at home, this did help on her space adventure. She questioned the people and the ways of Camazotz, which was also a contributing factor of why Meg, Charles, and Calvin stayed safe, and why she couldn't be controlled by IT. Also when Meg was on Earth, she was often considered an oddball, but, when she traveled to Camazotz to find her father, being different was a good thing. Everyone there was essentially identical and they were content with being this way. If she had been considered "normal" she might have been easily convinced by IT that she should join him and stop fighting evil. If this had happened she would have never been able to free her brother from IT's control or find her
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