AP World History Personal Statement

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The best form of knowledge is one that is relevant in all aspects of life. History is important not only because it offers insight on how life was in the past, but also allows us to better understand current situations. Since a young age, I found myself longing to be informed about the world around me. Thankfully, this urge was settled by local news broadcasts. Whether this interest developed due to the lack of cable television in my household or an actual interest, the news broadcast became “must-see” programming for me. As I grew older my interest kept growing and local news did not satisfy my interests, so I started watching late night news on world affairs rather than local stories. This is when I realized that I wanted a career in social …show more content…

Although I took history courses in middle school, the classes taught minimal information and caused dissatisfaction with the level of knowledge I was receiving. The AP World History course was my opportunity to learn and understand different cultures and religions, and it was an opportunity I was not going to let pass by. Despite the constant remark of the difficulty of the course and its workload, I was eager to get started. It was in the very first week that I realized I made the right choice by enrolling in the course. Learning about the beginnings of civilizations and up to the 20th century seemed like a tough challenge I was looking forward to. Although we learned about very interesting subjects throughout the year, it was the Code of Hammurabi which truly captivated my attention. Whether it was the gruesome idea of “an eye for an eye” or the belief of the presumption of innocence presented by Hammurabi 's Code, I became intrigued to discover the role laws play in our current society. This interest has led me to become greatly aware of the political sphere in our nation and has inspired me to pursue a political science

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