Aaron Burr: Conspiracy To Treason

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Aaron Burr: Conspiracy to Treason by Buckner F. Melton Jr. tells the story of politician Aaron Burr, his hostile relationship with Federalist Alexander Hamilton, and his plan for treason in the United States. In Aaron Burr: Conspiracy to Treason, Burr is a politician, soldier, and lawyer who is an enemy of beloved Alexander Hamilton and becomes hated among many. Burr begins his political life as a soldier under George Washington. Sometime after this, he begins to learn about law and becomes an excellent politician and lawyer with wit beyond his competition. He later obtains a position in the United States Senate by outrunning Philip Schuyler in the election. Schuyler happens to be Hamilton's father-in-law, so this begins the two politicians' hatred-filled relationship. Burr later loses his position to …show more content…

Hamilton and Burr spend years in an eternal struggle for power in the newly formed United States colonies. In 1800, Burr runs for President against Thomas Jefferson. They get the same amount of electoral votes, so the House of Representatives is responsible for choosing their new president. Hamilton voices his opinion of Burr and his approval of Jefferson. Burr loses to election but becomes Vice President. Burr is furious at Hamilton for his loss. After many years of disagreement, Burr kills his enemy Hamilton in a duel that went down in history. Even after his success, Burr is left to multiple trials of treason and many hours in court. Many people despise Burr and try to convict him of crime; however, their lawyers are no match to those of Aaron Burr. In the end of the biography, Burr spends time in Europe before going back to the United States to

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