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Ab Ripper X The Ab Ripper X is one of the 12 exercises of the renowned P90X workout system. Having undergone P90X myself, I can tell you that completing all the exercises in the Ab Ripper X is not easy at all (especially in the beginning). Actually the entire workout only last less than 20 minutes. However, I would usually use up to 40 minutes to complete the whole exercise routine (take a lot of breaks in between!)

No doubt, the Ab Ripper X is effective if you follow it closely. The Ab Ripper X consist of 11 exercises, most of which are completed in 25 repetitions.

Ab Ripper X Exercise No 1: In & Outs

In this exercise, you’re fundamentally making use of your butt as a pivot point as you kick your legs out and in. You can choose to put both your hands on the ground for additional support.

Ab Ripper X Exercise No 2: Bicycles

Begin in the roughly the same exact position as the In & Outs, you simply need to simulate the …show more content…

You will sit on the floor and clasp your hands. You then rotate left and right rapidly with your hands touching the floor each time. Both of your feet must be off the ground at all times as well! This is a fast-paced movement exercise and you have to do 50 repetitions! No doubt, you will feel the pain during the entire session; however, all the pain will be gone right away when you stop. Hence, do your best to complete the entire routine without stopping!

Congrats, you have completed the entire workout! At this time, you feel that you abs and legs will be a bit sore. If you are unable to complete the entire routine or unable to do the required repetitions, do not beat yourself up! (It takes me about 1.5 months to be finally able to complete the Ab Ripper X routine successfully)! All that counts is that you attempt your best to complete the Ab Ripper X

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