Abby Tudor's Essay: The Evolution Of Sports In Cuba

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Sports are not just for entertainment, but are a billion dollar industry that has a large influence on the economy of different nations. In Latin America, there is a positive correlation between economic development and the sports industry. In Latin American countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, sports play an important role in improving the economy. Through educational programs, sports academies, sports facilities, and nationalism, economic development is promoted in Latin American countries.
In Cuba, there is a large focus on the sport of baseball. In Abby Tudor’s essay, The Evolution of Sports and Baseball in Cuba, Tudor speaks about the importance of baseball in Cuba and how it is implemented through …show more content…

One such sports academy is located in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, academies are set up as a ‘way out’ for young adolescents. In these academies, academics are seen as less important than baseball and trainees are trained intensively. Though adolescents are taken from their normal lives to train, less than half of trainees ever leave the academy to play in the minor leagues. Not only do many academies give young boys false hope of making it to the major leagues, but health conditions are not up to par. One example of the lack of health care services in the academy is the seen through the death of Yewri Guillén, who died after not receiving proper health care services (Gordon). Though there are similar stories as Guillén’s, the exploitation of young boys continues because of the large impact it has on economic development. The United States is able to set up these academies and train young boys at a lower cost and without as many rules as compared to training in the United States, benefiting them economically. The Academies also provide civilians with jobs, such as coaching and recreational positions, teachers, and …show more content…

In Lonnie Edlin’s essay, The Sports and Adventure Industry in Costa Rica, Edlin speaks about how the sports industry promotes ecotourism in Costa Rica through advertisements, which then promotes economic development in the country. Edlin states how a promotional video was made for the world cup, which received over ten million views and impacted tourism in Costa Rica (Edlin). Tourism is important for economic development because it generated income for the economy and creates jobs for citizens. Another factor that promotes tourism, which then promotes economic development is nationalism. Sports such as soccer have a huge fan base that promotes unity among different countries. In the article, Soccer: Opiate of the People?, Eduardo Galeano writes about fans passion towards soccer by stating, “rarely does the fan say ‘my club plays today.’ Rather he says: ‘We play today’” (Galeano). Galeano’s statement shows that to fans, soccer is more than just a sport, but a lifestyle. Soccer fans view their favorite teams as their own team and become invested in the sport. This dedication leads to fans traveling to view their favorite teams play in person, increasing tourism among countries which then promotes economic

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