Abigail Adams Speech Analysis

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On January 12th, 1780, Abigail Adams is writing to her son, John Quincy Adams, who is traveling abroad with his father, John Adams, who will eventually become president of the United States. John Adams and his father are traveling abroad together to France during the American Revolutionary War. Abigail Adams is writing to her son to give advice and a sense of patriotism during his voyage. She encourages her son with the hopes of how one day, he can become president. Abigail Adams employs her motherly voice with the use of pathos and historical allusion to help guide her son during his voyage in the hopes he will become a better man. Abigail Adams employs her motherly voice while using pathos to show she cares for her son to develop into …show more content…

Adams writes, "Would Circero have shone so distinguished an orator if he had not been roused, kindled, and enflamed by the tyranny of Catiline, Verres, and Mark Antony" (line 35). Adams is explaining to her son that he has to face great challenges before he can be a heroic leader. She uses the great men in the past to help motivate and encourage her son. Adams also shows allusion in line 60 when she writes, "with the blessing of Heaven, will transmit this inheritance to ages yet unborn." Adams wants to show that her son has the help with Heaven and God and that they are with him every step of the way. With the help of his mother's allusions, John Adams will be encouraged to become great like the heroic men of the past. Abigail Adams employs allusion and pathos with her motherly voice to illustrate the connection she has with her son. Adams wants her son to do great things, but he needs to overcome challenges first. Readers can see the connection with Adams and her son by employing a motherly diction. This motherly diction helps us to relate to the story and understand clearly of why Adams wants her son to be strong and courageous during his voyage. Overall, Adams wants to show her unwavering love and support to her son during his agonizing voyage hoping he will become a better man and eventually become

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