Abigail Corrupt In The Crucible

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The Crucible Abigail was a corrupt, cynical, and dishonest character throughout the Salem witch trials. She accused innocent people of the community of Salem of being witches. Most of the time she did this in seek of revenge on the people, but other times she did it so that she wouldn’t get caught for lying. Abigail was not a very old character she was 14-18 years old and still single. She was out of a job after the proctors kicked her out, and was not trusted by anyone after the incident at the proctor's house. She was not old enough to be anything other than a servant but no one wanted her. Abigail was not looked as a very good person in the community. You could say that she was immaculate. She was suspected to lechery or must have done something that was very wrong, but it was not ascertain to the community what she had done. All they knew was that Elizabeth Proctor had to arbitrate to thrown her out of her house and no one knew why. This made the people of the community notice that she had done something wrong and then no one would hire her back as a …show more content…

The Indictment this is what you could say the Salem witch trials were all about and this is how Abigail got people found guilty and excommunicated from the church. She scared all of her friends to lie and it almost made them seem subservient to her. She was the first accuser and accused Tituba and after that everything went downhill. The judges seemed like they had a lot of predilection towards her and did not want to listen to the people that were accused unless they admitted to witchcraft. An example of this is Tituba confessed so she was not hanged but she accused many people too just so she could save herself. Throughout the story Abigail was very arbitrated through the story because she had to try and come up with things to get others on trial and pretend every

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