Abigail Williams Blame

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The Salem Witch Trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. It was such a massive, bizzare occurance that logically, something or someone should be blamed for the start of it. Although it is one of America’s most showing cases of mass hysteria, there had to have been many other causes for the tragic ending. Salem’s tragic ending in The Crucible was clearly caused by an abundance of factors, but the two most weighty were Abigail Williams and the idea of reputation in Salem. Abigail Williams is very much to blame for the tragic ending in Salem for many reasons. One of Abigail’s characteristics prevalent throughout the book that helped the tragedy unfold …show more content…

Reverend Parris’s need for a good reputation had an impact of the tragic ending in Salem. An example of Reverend Parris’s desire of good reputation shows when he makes the claim “I am certain there be no element of witchcraft here”(Miller 14). Although he knows Abigail might be involved in witchcraft he is arguing against it so that no one will suspect that he is connected to witchcraft in any way. He doesn’t want his reputation in the town to be ruined. Reverend Parris drills Abigail about what the girls were doing in the forest because it reflects on him. He is paranoid that people in the town are talking about him, or are out to force him out of the church. This is important because he is quick to believe the girl’s accusations of witchcraft because it relieves him of having to justify what he saw the girls doing in the forest. This has a big impact in Salem because it allows many more false accusations to be overlooked. Another character whose desire for a good reputation had an effect on Salem was John Proctor. John’s desire stems from the concept of being a good Puritan man but it still has lasting effects on Salem. After his affair with Abigail, John tries to put her out of mind and keeps the affair a secret for as long as possible. Because he doesn’t want to connect with Abigail, it allows her to get away with false accusations for much longer than if John would have brought the affair to court. John’s care for his reputation really shows at the end of The Crucible, where he falsely confesses to save his families name, leading to his death. Many townspeople are left upset and without hope because such a good man that they looked up to was hanged.The biggest affect that this had on Salem though was that it gave way to many more false accusations. Most importantly though, Judge Danforth’s need for a positive

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