Why Did Abigail Williams To Blame For The Crucible

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The death of an entire town because a group of girls lied about dancing in the woods. In the town of Salem, innocent people died in the town of witchery because a group of girls. The only proof they had of witchery was other people’s word that was in the town. Most people blamed others so they were free and they no longer were the bad people. I believe Abigail Williams is the one that should be blamed for the deaths because she lied about what was going on in the woods and blamed other people in the town to be witches so they were no longer looking at her any longer. One reason Abigail should be hung is because when she told Reverend Hale that it was witchery she was lying because when she threatened the other girls if they told anyone what …show more content…

She could have just taken the punishment, but she blamed everyone else in the town of being a witch. Saying their spirit made her and the other girls go out into the woods to dance and drink from the pot. On the other hand Abigail could be considered innocent because growing up she did not have any good role models. Her uncle, Reverend Parris, was more worried about the church and what the people of the town thought of him that he did not care for his family. While she was working for the Proctors Elizabeth was to sick and she only cared about herself and John seduced her and taught her bad habits for later in life. Even though she did not have good role models she still had the choice to tell the truth and not have blamed other people in the town to help support her lie. In conclusion, Abigail Williams is the one to blame for the deaths even though she has not had any good role models because she had more than one chance to tell the truth. Instead, she lied and put the blame on everyone else and some died. Just because she wanted everyone’s eyes off her and what she had done. Also how she used her lie so she could try and break apart the Proctor family so she can have John Proctor to herself. Abigail Williams is the one who destroyed an entire town because she wanted love and to not get in

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