Abigail Williams's Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The witch trials that took place around the 15 and 1600’s ruined many lives and crippled many towns. One of the most notable towns that this witch hysteria broke out was in the town of Salem. Salem was a normal puritan town during that time period in the new America with religion being the core of the town. Most of the people had good relations with others in the town before the witch trials, were people would accuse one of perfoming demonic arts in attempt to steal one's wife, land, or goods. Of the characters in The Crucible Abigail Williams who was the niece the town's reverend is the main reason that the mass witch hysteria broke out in Salem. Some ways in which Abigail's proves to be the main reason for this mass hysteria is that she decides …show more content…

Once Tituba says she has dealt with the devil Abigail realizes the trouble she may be in because she was caught dancing and attempting to perform hex spells. Therefore Abigail in fear and trying to save herself cries out “[she] saw Goody Hawkins with the Devil,” even though she knows what she just said is not true (Miller 1157). When Abigail cried out names of people who dealt with the devil she damned the people of who she accused, for one can be hung for being accused a witch and not admit to dealing with the devil. When Abigail said the names it made people wonder if there were others roaming through Salem who is a witch, and now people are in fear because of false accusations a girl made to save herself. Abigail accuses some people witchcraft was not the only deed she did which cause the people in the town to constantly be crying …show more content…

With people in the growing against Abigail she begins to ruin anyone who goes against what she says. When Abigail accuses Goody Proctor John Proctor makes Mary Warren go to court to prove that Abigail is a fraud. Now that there is someone who is against abigail, abigail begins to fear that she may be proven a fraud and lose her power. With Abigail angry at Mary Warren for turning against her she starts to say how she sees a bird sent from Mary that is going to “tear [her] face” with this all the other girls begin to fear the bird that they say Mary sent upon them (Miller 1209). With part of the town in actual fear of witches and the other part in fear of abby there is now a huge hysteria going around and the town is not able to function

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