Preached To Public People On How Slavery Was Unjustified Cruel And Inhumane

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Bianca Hammaker
Professor Page
AMH 2010
25 November 2016
Paper Two (Abolition)
Abolitionists preached to the public people on how slavery was unjustified, cruel, immoral, and inhumane. A widely accepted thought was to degrade colored people to that of the thinking capacity of apes and to treat them as animals. Most of the states were slave-holding at this time in history with slaves being the ones under the direction of the owners. Buyers (whites) of slaves sought for cheap labor and gave no credibility to anything the slaves accomplished. Whites had slaves work their mines and farms, the two most important jobs at the time. Without the slaves, no one was there to take care of their families and maintaining submission was the rule of the land. However, it was arguable that colored people were the main reason that the country was striving. It was so unfair that slaves built this country off of their diligent and humbled work ethic, yet they were still viewed as being far inferior to whites. …show more content…

People began to pick machines over slaves since machines were performing the same, or more work and doing so around the clock. With machines, an owner did not have to worry about an illness creating production to decrease. They also did not have to worry about offending someone by how they chose to produce (machine vs. slave) because all successful men seek to have efficient businesses and create the highest economic output.
In summary, using machinery and distributing pamphlets calling for the abolition of slavery based on Humanitarian ideals on behalf of the slaves eventually being the new paradigm for human rights for all. Being compassionate and riding the oppression of slave ownership began to appeal to many. Many strategies came about to abolish slavery including the underground railroad, news articles, pamphlets, by many of the

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