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According to Aristotle triangle, he advocates for the ability to persuade the audience and speaker with employing pathos, ethos, and logos. The ethical appeals are the ethos; emotional appeal is pathos, while the logical appeals are logos. Abortion is a hotly debated issue across the world. In the USA, the current political climate alongside the economic recession is affecting factors precipitating abortion, and this is warranting investigation on the reasons for the same (Lawrence, et al. 2005). The abortion in America is a big issue, and therefore the paper examines the ethical, moral and logical arguments behind seeking, statistics, and justifying the acts.
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In the country, it is legal, and there are certain limits across the states. The legalizing came back in 1973 after successful passage of Supreme Court decision concerning the case of Wade v. Roe. According to BMC Women 's Health case study 2013, the reasons for seeking services fall under timing, financial reasons, more focus on other children, and partner-related factors (Biggs, et al. 2013). Using the multivariate logistic regression synthesis, it is clear that demographic and social predictors are behind disparities in seeking the services across the vast nation. The CDC abortion surveillance reports that in 2013, a total of 664,435 legal practiced abortions were recorded from their 49 reporting centers. The rate for the same year was 12.5 per 1000 women with the ages 15-44 years while the abortion rate at 200:1000 live births. The black women are 3.75 times more likely to terminate their pregnancy than their white counterparts. About 90% of the abortions occur in the first trimester. Since the legalization, the fatalities are still high compared to the 80s. By 2011, there were more than 1,023 facilities with permission to do so. Some of the contraceptives are not effective thus one ended up conceiving (Biggs, et al.

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