Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Hero

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Have you ever notice how people say “ The United States of America” like it was the best country in the whole world? I pretty much agree with that. People see the United States as if it was perfect, however, they never knew or know much about who are the heroes that helped our nation to be that perfect. One of is Abraham Lincoln, he was the 16th president of the United States and he is regarded one of America’s greatest hero due to his role as the Savior of the Union and emancipation of slaves. He helped the United States of America became united during the civil war, he also ended slavery, and lastly, he chose to lead his country into a better place and took the consequence of which is death. Lincoln was a heroic president, he fought for the slaves’ freedom and he led the American through the Civil War and encouraged the Congress to pass out the Thirteenth Amendment in which outlawed slavery in America; He is a hero and his achievements still positively affect us in current days. Did you know how terrible would it be if our country, The United States of America is split into half and would not be called the United States of America but one will be The States of Union and the other will be The State of Confederacy? Lincoln was the hero to stop the Southern part of America from separating from U.S., Lincoln and the Congressman made an army called “Union” which fought in the Civil War between the Northern and the Southern states of America. During the Civil War, our nation
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